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How to Completely Eliminate Diaper Smells

You’d think that changing diapers is the worst part of parenthood, but it’s their smell. While you will find products on the market promising to deal with this, they may not be as safe as they say. Chemicals of any kind can be toxic to the baby and even in small amounts cause allergies and respiratory problems.

Thankfully, you can use different strategies and natural solutions, both at home and in public restrooms. We prepared some tips on how to completely eliminate diaper smells and keep your baby fresh and healthy. Check them out!

Flush it!

Throwing a diaper in the toilet is a big “NO”, but you should dispose of its contents that way. Use a shower spray or install one on the sink tap so you can reach the toilet with it and wash down the rest of the poop. Once you get rid of it all, fold the diaper and throw it into the bin. It may still be smelly, but not as horribly as before.

You should do the same with a reusable cotton diaper, then put them in the diaper pail or soak them in the water. The latter is even better since it will get rid of the stains better.

Use diaper bins

It will take a while until your baby is potty trained so put your faith in a genius invention called the diaper bin. This is a specifically designed container for used diapers that promises to keep the odor inside when the lid is closed. Of course, some work better than others, so you should read reviews before buying.

Another option is to check with family and friends if they still have their diaper bins from when their kids were babies. However, if it’s not as efficient at eliminating smells, invest in a new one — it’s worth it!

Be resourceful

Far from having to MacGyver out of the smelly diaper situation, but you should have a B plan just in case. This applies to public restrooms and other people’s bathrooms since you can’t bring everything you need for odor control with you.

For example, you may have dirtied yourself during the diaper change which transferred smell to your clothes. Remove poop with a paper towel, apply soap to wash off that stain, and use a hand dryer to dry the fabric as best as you can. If you have deodorant or perfume with you, spray some on that spot and you won’t feel even the whiff of poop.

Take out the trash daily

If you have a large nappy bin, chances are you don’t throw the trash every day and the smells start to feel. Instead, buy a small one that will hardly last a day without having to be emptied. Of course, there is an option to keep the diaper bin outside the house, but that may attract birds and rodents.

In case you think of using a regular waste bin — don’t! They are cheaper and you already have a few around the house, but their lids are not as efficient as the diaper bins’. It will only help the smell spread and stink up the whole house.

Use scents and fragrances

Scented candles can overpower the lingering smell of baby poop, as well as essential oils. Here is a small trick that can work wonders. Put a few drops of strong essential oil, like eucalyptus, on the paper towel and place it at the bottom of the diaper bin. Replace the towel every time to throw away the dirty diapers and place the new one in its place.

Cat litter can also help since it’s made to suppress odors and absorb moisture. But, it may be messier to clean and so less practical to use often.

Keep baking soda and white vinegar close

We all know that baking soda and white vinegar can do miracles against all sorts of persistent stains, dirt, and bacteria. They can destroy the bad smells, too! Mix white vinegar with water and use it to clean toys, bedding, diaper bin, and other places touched by poop.

In case poop or pee got on the furniture, carpet, or other types of fabric, spray the mixture and leave it on for several minutes. Then put some baking soda on it and wait until it stops fizzling to vacuum it. You can do this as many times as necessary to remove the stain.

Pack diapers in the Ziploc bags

If you want to be extra sure that the odor is under control, put a diaper in the Ziploc bag before throwing it in the bin. Still, this is best as a temporary solution until you buy a proper nappy bin since these bags are not exactly environmentally friendly. Or you can pay more for the biodegradable ones.

Just keep in mind that you will need lots of Ziploc bags and that money could go elsewhere. For example, you could invest in a scented humidifier that will both take care of the diaper odor and be good for the baby, like cypress or pine.


A Baby’s poop is only one of the annoying things that come with the territory of being a parent. While it’s hard to completely eliminate diaper smells, it’s not impossible. After all, a quality diaper bin, essential oils, and regular taking out of the trash give you a good chance to succeed.


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