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How to Create More Shareable Social Media Content?

Most fitness brands assume that they can grow their social media following simply by creating and publishing fresh content regularly. But, considering the massive amounts of social media content being churned out daily, creating and publishing fresh content alone won’t be enough to help you grow your social media following.

You also need to ensure you create content that’s standing out from the crowd and the competition. Also, your content also needs to be engaging and attention-grabbing. And most importantly, your social media content also needs to be highly shareable.

As its name suggests, shareable content refers to content that’s so great that it will move or motivate the reader to share it on their social media channels. Shareable content can help to boost brand awareness, increase engagement on social media, drive traffic to your site, generate leads and boost sales, among other benefits.

So, how do you create shareable content? This article has the answers. In this post, we will share five tips that you should follow to create social media content that’s highly shareable.

Create Valuable and Useful Content

When it comes to posting on social media,social media, you need to try as much as possible to avoid salesy or self-promotional content. Instead, you should focus more on posting useful, and valuable content. By posting useful, relevant and valuable content, you will increase the chances of it being shared. And, more shares translate to more engagement.

Some ideas for useful and valuable content may include things like how-to posts, surveys, quizzes, lists and fun facts. This type of content tends to generate lots of shares on social media.

If you have the resources, you should also consider creating and publishing long-form, educational posts such as guides. You can then post the guide’s link on your social media platforms. By creating and posting such useful and helpful content, you can be confident that you will see your posts generating a massive reach.

Create Unique Content

Creating unique and original content can also help your social media posts to get more shares. If you are simply copying your competitors and posting similar content, you can rest assured that no one will bother to share your posts.

Instead, you should try to offer something different and unique. For instance, most food bloggers will simply post recipes on their social media pages and leave it at that. If you are also one yourself, your recipes should also include information where people can purchase or source the various ingredients used in the recipe.

You can also go a step further and include some alternatives for the ingredients, in case someone can’t find the exact ingredients that you’ve used. By using this approach, your recipes will not only be original and unique, but they also be more helpful to your audience. And, they are highly likely to generate more shares.

Incorporate Visuals

It’s well documented that social media posts with visuals tend to perform extremely well. Besides delivering high levels of engagement, social media posts with visuals also generate a high number of shares. So, if you are looking to make your social media content more shareable, you need to ensure that you incorporate visuals.

But as you may have probably noticed, creating high-quality, visual content for your social media posts can be a time-consuming and tiresome task. Also, it requires some skills in graphics design.

The good news is that there’s a secret to creating engaging, beautiful, appealing and high-quality social media visuals faster and easier. And this is by using social media templates that match your niche.

And there exist social media template bundles for every niche under the sun. Whether you are looking for templates for fitness, health, real estate, weddings, restaurants, or what have you.

As their name suggests, social media templates are ready-made graphics, featuring editable text and images. Whenever you want to put up a post on social media, you simply need to update these templates with new information using a tool like Canva.

Without a doubt, a social media template bundle will provide you with a fast, convenient, affordable and easy means of creating visually-appealing, high-quality social media content, which will considerably increase the level of engagement and shares on your posts.

Include a Call to Action

If you’ve watched a YouTube video, you may have probably noticed the person running the channel, telling you to share the video to your friends and family. This is designed to boost the video’s visibility and help it to generate more views. And, you can also use the same approach with your social media posts.

For your social media posts, you will use a call to action. So, every time you create a social media post, you should consider adding a note at the end of the post, encouraging and inviting anyone who has engaged with that post to forward it to another person who may find it helpful. Including a call to action will help your social media posts generate more shares.

In Summary

Creating shareable social media content will help to boost your engagement, reach and following on social media, leading to more sales. And as you can see, creating shareable social media content is not as challenging as it may appear. You simply need to implement the tips we’ve shared here, and you should be able to come up with content that your social media followers will want to share.


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