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How to fix “We Suspended Your Account on Facebook”?

Facebook is a very famous social media site that has helped many people to connect with their friends and relatives. Along with this, the social networking site is also very careful about the privacy of its customers and its rules and regulations. And this is why there can be instances where you may see that your account has been suspended by Facebook. In this case, you need to know different methods that you can use for your Facebook suspended account and how to recover the process

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There is a procedure that you can use to recover your suspended account on Facebook and this is why read all the methods that are going to give carefully. 

How Can you Fix the “My Facebook Has Been Suspended” Issue?

You can use the given method that we have given here to recover your Facebook account suspended. Follow all the steps that we have given here to recover your suspended Facebook account. 

  • Log into your account

The first thing you need to do after Facebook has suspended your account is to log in Facebook account. Once you log into your account, you will see the account suspension message on the screen. Move to the next step to get further in the process. 

  • Disagree with a decision

The next thing you need to do is to click on the ‘Disagree with decision’ button that is given on the screen. But, remember that you only have 30 days for this option.

  • Complete the Captcha process

Now, you will be directed to the ‘help us confirm it’s you’ page where you have to go through the Captcha process. 

  • Upload a photo

Now, for the Facebook account suspended recovery process you have to post a picture of yourself that will be used by Facebook. Remember this pic needs to have a clear headshot. Facebook will use this pic to verify if the account is yours or not. 

  • Read the instruction

After you have tapped the Continue button, you will be back to the ‘Disagreed with decision’ page. There you have to review the terms of Facebook and wait for Facebook to review your uploaded info.

  • Log out of your account

Then, you have to log out of your Facebook account as the Facebook community will take some time to review your account. You need to log into your account after some days to get its access back.

This is how you can recover your account after Facebook suspended your account

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