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How to master Successful Training

Getting the most out of your recruiters is a tricky balancing act between art and science. We’ve all witnessed personally how crucial it is to follow best practices – then adapt what you do to meet the requirements, talents, and objectives of each individual recruiter. Excellent training is the same way: a nuanced combination of tried-and-true best practices with a more personalised human touch. So, to help you get the most out of your online training, here are the five scientific pillars of successful training – along with some pointers on how to transform strong brain research into something people want to interact with.

Deliver Varied, Bitesize Blocks of Content

Diversity is the spice of life, and different material is the foundation of training that individuals participate in. However, shortening the content avoids the risk of cognitive overload. The brain has almost unlimited memory, but only a few can be processed at one time. The human brain indeed is extremely adept when it comes to storing pictorial information in long-term storage. So prioritise fun videos that you should remember for a long time and avoid lengthy instructions. And this is when the personal touch shows its spark. Video is an excellent method to bring individuality to your exercise. So, the volume recruitment platform is only useful when the training is top-notch. Therefore, you must keep in mind the essential size of content.

Make training available everywhere.

One-time training can be a positive distraction from the actual work, but it does not help with learning and development. We create a new brain circuit by continuously doing the same thing. It takes weeks rather than hours. That’s why an online recruiter training platform that’s always available is so important that it ideally has mobile support. This is a method of reducing training friction and making it simpler for learners to return to the same information and permanently implant their abilities.

Think about social and gamification

Based on brain studies, the 70/20/10 learning model reflects that 70% of new skills are acquired at work, 20% are acquired from peers, and 10% are acquired through formal training. As a result, incorporating a social component into training can be a strong approach to increase its effectiveness. Gamification is closely related to social experience. By giving people-friendly competition, they can discuss the ideas they have come across.

Personalise Your Online Learning

Our minds are naturally drawn to personal and relevant things in our lives. For example, when we hear our names, the brain engages faster than when we hear random words.

True customization, on the other hand, goes much further and deeper into the heart of your training. And it is here that solid science may be combined with a more human-centred approach.

Knowing your recruiters’ abilities, areas of weakness, and career goals may help you give relevant training. Our automated learner routes direct people through the appropriate information for their roles. In addition, excellent reporting on learner engagement may be an excellent tool for identifying areas for growth.

Include Your Recruiters in the Process

Finally, the most crucial aspect of brain research to comprehend is this: our minds have many similarities, but we are all fundamentally distinct in ways that are still unknown.

People learn in many ways. We are all drawn to various types of material. There are some who are natural sponges for fresh concepts, recalling them years later. Others require frequent reminders to keep on target.

Above all, keep a careful eye on how your staff is doing — both personally and professionally – and check in on how their training is going. Science may give a strong foundation upon which to develop. Still, the variances in how individuals think make every recruiter so important – and there is no better way to grasp those distinctions than to ask and listen.

We recommend you to analyse your company thoroughly. Once you have recognized its needs, move towards finding a suitable recruitment software. Remember, the recruiters can guide you well in this process. Only then you can find out the best recruitment software platform for agencies.


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