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How To Select Your Kitchen Tiles Colour? Here Is Colour Combination Ideas

Having your own house is the happiest thing ever. Many things matter to make your house look very perfect. The most important living place in the home is the kitchen. If your kitchen interior is good, then it makes your cooking mood amazing. Hence, you will have a great meal every day. While designing a kitchen the important thing is select kitchen tiles type and colour for an amazing look. Many tilers are only interested in money so they do not give you any idea about select tiles. Good Kitchen Floor Tilers can help you to decide on a good kitchen tiles design.

Here Are Some Tips For Selecting Kitchen Floor Tile Colour For An Amazing Outlook.

  • Make sure that your floor tiles match your colour combination with the colour on the room wall. It includes tiles on the wall, cabinets and countertops. For instance, use plain blue or white tiles with a similar blue patterned border for the floor if you are having blue patterned tiles on the backsplash.
  • Opt for bright colours or patterned floors if you want to make your flooring attractive. Neutral, plain tiles will blend in and shift the focus on your cabinets or wall tiles, allowing them to take centre stage.
  • If your kitchen is in a small size area, choose light pastels and tiles with a glossy finish. Low light colours and reflective surfaces will make the illusion of space in the room.
  • Always remember that the kitchen floor should not be slippery. It must be a plain surface for easy liquid flow.
  • Slippery floors are dangerous while working in the kitchen, especially if the tile surface is highly polished and smooth. So, when choosing tile colours that will show up any liquid clearly so that it can be mopped up at once easily, water is more easily visible on darker tiles with rough surfaces. Rough surfaces with darker tiles are easy in cleaning.


We have seen some basic tips for choosing tiles type and colour for smoothly working. Now we will discuss some colour combinations for kitchen floor tiles which can match up with wall, ceiling and furniture cupboards. While choosing tiles you have to keep in mind that it will be easy to show up falling things, easy to mop any liquid and should not slip on the surface. Choosing a colour combination of tiles for the kitchen floor, make your kitchen design very attractive in look, smooth in working and fresh air for happy living. There are some of the basic best colour combinations that are very rare and professional for any house kitchen.

Cloud-Like White

When working in the kitchen some natural light must come into the kitchen. When you choose the light colour the reflection of light makes it brighter in the kitchen. It is especially suggested when you have a tiny kitchen in a small area where is less possible for a small amount of light to come from outside. So if you don’t like the simple white colour then must choose cloudy white or sand white

Golden Yellow 

There’s nothing to beat the warmth and cheer of golden yellow, and when it’s paired against stark black it makes for a truly attractive combination. Square tiles in a mishmash of shades of golden yellow, both on the floors and the background, add golden tones to this bold black kitchen.

Joy Full Patterns

It is much more boring to have tiles without any patterns. Patterns are playing important role in a mood swing. Tiles without patterns look like food without salt. Make a pattern like a chess pattern, single line colour, square pattern and round pattern. Make blue-white, blue-black or black-white combination tiles pattern for an attractive look.

Sandy Brown And Dark Brown

This rustic, old-fashioned kitchen goes beautifully well with the chess board brown and dark brown floor tiles. Smaller squares of the same colours make up the backsplash, contrasting nicely against the cream cabinetry and neatly tying up the colour palette.

Pattern With Wooden Tiles

Do you love the pattern like wood, but are confused about whether the wooden floor is right for your kitchen? Choose these wood look-alike tiles, and combine the warm colour of hardwood with the durability of a tiled floor.

Evergreen Black And White

Black and white combos are classic, stunning and forever make an attraction! Tiny black diamonds at the corners of square white tiles make a wonder full look in this transitional kitchen.

Simple Earthen Terracotta

Earthy and charming, the gorgeous sun-yellow orange-brown of terracotta tiles go unexpectedly well with just about any other colour in the stripes. Here, black furniture with grey walls highlights the simple beauty of nature’s favourite flooring.

Attractive Grey

For choosing a dull colour, grey is the perfect colour that pairs well with soft, muted pastels as well as bold, vibrant highlights. As a colour combination for your kitchen floor, grey tiles are easy to mop and keep clean and show up shine clean, while at the same time giving good visibility for liquid spread.

Shine And Glossy Black

Every colour has a different feeling. Among them, black is ever famous colour for every people in everything. Black shiny tiles with glossy looks make your kitchen design very attractive. Glossy black tiles are the best choice for kitchen flooring tiles.

Smooth Pistachio

These floor tiles for the kitchen floor match the pistachio to the background and chairs for a stunning and wonderfully full look. Dark golden wood finishes in the cabinets, wall panelling and tabletop beautifully match the green palette.

First Choise Ever Terrazzo 

Terrazzo, a popular flooring from the late 80s, is famous and demand-able nowadays for its unique and user-friendly properties. Its finish looks great on walls and countertops too and can customize for a gorgeously attractive look.

Making a house attractive is a common mindset of every people. The kitchen is the centre of attraction in every house. By keeping in mind, the above things, you can make your house very unique and attractive. People will never forget to visit your house once they look at your house with a unique colour combination. Melbourne Tilling services provide you with the suggestion of colour combinations for kitchen floor tiles.  


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