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Interesting Careers With a Law Degree

Just because you’re a law student, doesn’t mean you must be a lawyer and work in a courtroom. Do you worry you’ll have to work in a law office for the rest of your life? If you’ve changed your mind about law, there’s a lot you can do with a law degree under your belt. So no need to ask others ‘can you take online classes for me’ because you still have a ton of other options for your law career.

If you’re bored of what you’re doing right now, there are many jobs out there waiting for you. So look into these careers because your law degree prepares you well for them. Many students miss out on these careers because the media doesn’t bother to address them. Although, we do! So, let’s take a look at these nontraditional jobs that you can do with a law degree.

The Civil Service Fast Stream

This field gives leads you towards leadership with supported development.  You can easily find around 700 vacancies each year in civil service departments. If you want to become a successful applicant, complete multiple job placements and move between different departments and agencies. Employers look for candidates with an eye for detail who can work under pressure and think critically. Guess what? Your law degree makes you eligible to apply here because it teaches you these 3 skills!

Tax Consultant

If you have a law degree, you’ll do great in taxation! In this field, you get to offer advice to businesses or clients related to tax solutions. The tax laws change every year, so it will help you to keep up with these changes. This is why tax consultancy firms are always looking to hire law students. Moreover, your law degree can save you from some of the exams tax practitioners have to give. So you won’t need to gain those qualifications to become a tax consultant, you’re already there!

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Shocked? Well, you can find many publishing houses, that want to hire law graduates as researchers. Hence if you have a law degree, you’re a great fit for the role of a researcher. This is because you already know how to absorb large amounts of technical information and convey it clearly. Plus, you can also look for jobs in publishing houses’ intellectual property and rights sector.

Management Consultant

As a law student, you must be wondering ‘What even is a management consultant?’ Well, people in this field give advice to others about the management of a company or organization. Your law degree gives you research skills, so you can quickly find out about the industry of your client. Moreover, your analytical skills will help you understand how a business operates and how to improve it.

Compliance Officer

As a compliance officer, you’ll supervise the company’s finances to make sure that it complies with the laws and regulations. In other words, you’ll make sure that you’re client’s company functions in a legal manner while meeting its goals. Furthermore, you can find work in many finance organizations and a legal background is definitely a plus! Interested? Use your law degree and work in the field of finance today!


A loss adjuster is a great example of your role as you’ll work to verify insurance claims. This means you’ll be visiting crime scenes to look into the damage and conduct interviews with policyholders. Thus your law degree will help you inspect claims according to the legal regulation. Moreover, you’ll need attention to detail and good negotiation skills – something law teaches you.

Chartered Accountant

Here you’ll give advice, check records and provide information about financial records. Hence you’ll need to know a lot of legal concepts as well as math – where a law degree can prove handy. The best part is that it offers you a choice of future workplaces and better working hours! So you can work in private practice firms or the not-for-profit sector – whatever you like.


You must have seen many of your seniors go into politics, as elected officials or supporting members. If they can do it, you can easily get into politics too! You can get involved in policy development, speech writing, PR and many other activities. Plus, many of the skills you get from a law degree such as public speaking, problem-solving, etc. can help your career. Plus, your ability to analyze legislation and its efficacy will make you a successful politician.

Human Resources Officer

In this field, you develop, suggest and apply policies related to the staff in an organization. Thus you can work in employee recruitment, training and development, etc. Other roles include compensation and benefits, the implementation of disciplinary rules and conflict resolution. So you should have good interpersonal, organizational and negotiation skills. Luckily for you, you’ll learn all these during your law degree program.


Not excited about fighting other people in the court of law? If you have a law degree, you can choose to mediate the conflicts between such people instead. A law degree can help you use your professional background and experience to get started as a mediator. This is important because it’s the most cost-effective and civil way to end a disagreement between two parties. In general, you be working on making the communication between the two easier. Plus, you’ll answer legal questions, and interview both people to make sure that everyone gets what they want.


As you can see, giving up your profession as a lawyer does not mean the end of your career. You can continue your journey in the law world by getting into many other occupations! Thanks to the training you get as a law student, you’re able to fill in various jobs and positions. Thankfully, most of them are high-ranking jobs with rewarding positions! So if you’re a law student reading this article, we guarantee that you’ll get a lot to learn from here. Finally, taking law classes is no longer a hassle thanks to Take My Class Cheap services. These platforms connect you with law experts and scholars to help you cope with the load of schoolwork!


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