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Is It Ok to Vape Any Nicotine Strenght?

Whether you use disposable vapes like Elux legend pro rechargeable, re-useable vapes, or cigarettes. It’s very important that you know how much nicotine you’re consuming. In case you smoke cigarettes there’s no way to know or measure the amount of nicotine. While if you vape you’re lucky that you can see how much nicotine you’re having.

Usually, most smokers don’t know how much nicotine they are intaking instead, most vapers understand the nicotine content. The amount of nicotine that exists in the vape or cigarette is known as nicotine content. As vapes do have cartridges which contain the E-liquid and nicotine.  So, as often the vapers know the quantity of nicotine they have, they can control its consumption.

There are two cases, number one if you were a chain smoker and used to have plenty of nicotine then you might have alot in vapes as well. Number two, if you have started with vaping, including (disposable vape like Aroma king 7000 or reusable vapes) then you might take it in an average amount. Before looking into how much nicotine is sufficient for you, you must understand what is nicotine. So let’s see.

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Facts About Nicotine And Its Intake:

Scientifically, nicotine is a compound, it is a nitrogen-containing chemical that is found in the nightshade family of plants. This family includes the tobacco plant but also contains many other plants and vegetables, including eggplants, potatoes and tomatoes. Tobacco is one of the most dangerous compounds that is used in stimulants and nicotine is the chief active constituent of tobacco.

Many smokers believe that nicotine is the sole chemical in cigarettes that spurs negative side effects; despite this, there are alot of other chemicals which are detrimental to health. Regardless, nicotine is the most addictive chemical in a cigarette. Smokers experience a large amount of nicotine withdrawal and a bundle of other harmful chemicals while vaping has pure nicotine accompanied by safe substances, PG and VG flavours.

The Perfect Nicotine Concentration:

Nicotine is as much addictive as it’s taken. The right amount of nicotine depends upon the consumer what they used to. If you are used to smoking, then the quantity matters that you’re used to taking. Look at how many you have a day; this will determine how much you could take. If you’re used to taking a few cigarettes or multiples a day you might take a stronger e-liquid, it might help you to make the switch.

Initialising from strong E-liquid and gradually making it low will be beneficial for you.

If you have recently started vaping and have no experience of smoking (nicotine), you must start with the low nicotine content. Having low nicotine can be more pleasant as if you do that you can enjoy vaping for a long time until you’re satisfied.

TPD and Nicotine Strenght:

Significantly, according to TPD, Tobacco Product Directive, one must not exceed 2mg of nicotine per 200ml disposable vape. This is the law on vape products designed according to compliance with cigarette and tobacco regulations.

Although it is intended to regulate the tobacco industry, the bill also addresses electronic cigarettes. Article 20 of the TPD addresses e-cigarette specific regulations. TPD Article 20 has served as the foundation for new UK vape laws and regulations.

Therefore, using more nicotine than that in a disposable vape is disobedience of the law. Moreover, the maximum E-liquid a tank can have is 10mL of liquid which results in the frequent refill of the tank.


The vape addiction depends upon the amount of nicotine content contained in it. As high as you keep the nicotine level, you will become addicted to it. Significantly, vaping is always a better option than smoking cigarettes as it contains pure nicotine, excluding a number of harmful chemicals included in cigarettes.

Apparently, as the smoking immigrants who recently switched to vaping, they like to take stronger E-liquid with higher nicotine, satisfying their nicotine cravings. Other than that, the toddlers who are new to vaping and have no experience of addiction are recommended to intake low levels of nicotine to be on safer grounds.

However, it’s up to you how much nicotine you like to consume. If you take a more potent shot to which you are not used, it will immediately strike your throat and lead you to serious health risks. Eventually, it is recommended that you keep the level of nicotine as much as you can bear and to that extent what you’re used to and, importantly, which isn’t against the TPD law.


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