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IVF Treatment By The Best Fertility Doctor In Jaipur At A Low Cost

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a type of assisted reproductive technology procedure that involves retrieving eggs from the woman’s ovaries and fertilising them with the retrieved sperm. It is the most effective form of assisted reproductive technology. It is usually used when other fertility methods have failed, or fertility issues prevent pregnancy.  

Research has shown that 10 per cent to 15 per cent of married couples in India are affected by Infertility. And out of 30 million infertile couples in India, nearly three million actively seek treatment. 

Although 4 out of 10 couples face infertility issues, visiting fertility centres for the right checkups and tests is still a nightmare. The prevailing belief is fear of tests to be carried out, their results, and the expenses incurred after the test is completed.  But, costs for the treatment and the results cannot be compared anywhere. 

Aastha Fertility Experts in Jaipur offers you the best IVF treatment at affordable costs. Not only will they assist you with medication and injections, but they understand that IVF is an emotionally and physically draining journey and assist their patients in every possible way. 

If you’re struggling with pregnancy and looking for the best IVF Center, then Aastha Fertility Center at Calgary Road, Apex Circle, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, is the answer to your doubts. 

Why Must You Opt For The Best Fertility Specialist from Jaipur For Ivf Treatment? 

The IVF process is mentally, financially, and physically daunting for couples. And this is one of the major reasons couples must choose the best fertility specialist for their IVF treatment. This emotionally and physically daunting process can further lead to stress, depression and other ill-mental health issues that might affect the overall success rate of the treatment. 

Having the best fertility specialist for IVF treatment will aid the process. The couples will benefit from the experience, knowledge, and success rate gathered by the specialist over the years. Also, in the place of emotional detachment from the doctor, which is dangerous to the treatment procedure, patients can receive warmth and empathy, enjoy good connections with their fertility experts, and promote open conversations and discussions. 

What are the Costs for IVF Treatment in Jaipur? 

The average IVF treatment cost in Jaipur ranges from Rs.90,000 to Rs.140,000, including medications and drugs. The cost of IVF treatment varies; this is because the increase or decrease in the IVF treatment is based on certain factors such as-

  • Previous Health Conditions, 
  • The Duration Of Infertility,
  • Type Of Fertility Treatment. 

In some cases, patients require other treatments, along with IVF treatment. One’s location also influences the IVF treatment cost. 

Factors That Can Affect The Overall Treatment Of The Ivf Treatment In Jaipur

The consultation fee for IVF treatment in Jaipur can add to the cost of IVF treatment. The affrodable consultation fee ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500.

  • The female partner’s age, the duration of infertility, the infertility issues, and the type of IVF cycles can impart the cost. 
  • The laboratory charges contribute a great deal to the expenses of IVF treatment. 
  • Freezing eggs for the future can also contribute to IVF treatment costs. 
  • If included in the IVF process, Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA) can add cost to the IVF treatment. 

Who Should Opt for IVF Treatment? 

  • Women Who Have Had More Than One Miscarriage

Miscarriage means losing a pregnancy before 20 weeks. Most miscarriages happen in the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy, which can be emotionally devastating. Most miscarriages are caused by chromosome and hormonal problems. 

However, when a woman experiences miscarriage more than once, she must visit the IVF centre in Jaipur to know the causes and increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. 

  • Women Under 35 And Haven’t Gotten Pregnant After 12 Months/ 6 Months  Of Trying

Research has shown that women are most fertile and tend to get pregnant in their 20s. A woman who is 20 to 35 and has difficulties getting pregnant after 12/6 months of trying needs to visit the IVF Center in Jaipur. 

  • Men Who Have A Poor Semen Analysis

After visiting the hospital, a man who reported a poor semen analysis report needs to visit the IVF centre in Jaipur. 


Infertility is a prevalent issue, and numerous fertility centres claim the lowest possible cost for IVF and other infertility treatments. However, patients need adequate treatment and services to get the best outcome, rather than treatments that will put their health in danger and risk other diseases. 

Aastha fertility has the best fertility doctors in Jaipur and offers the best services needed for a whole and complete infertility treatment. Contact the best fertility expert at Aastha Fertility Center or call (+91 9829 069 228) to book your free consultation appointment. 


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