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Japan’s Two Best National Parks You Must Visit

Beautiful landscapes, distinctive ecosystems, and rare and endangered species have morphed throughout the years, shaping Japan into a sanctuary for nature. National parks in Japan can express their gratitude for the Natural Parks Act of 1957, which protected Japan’s abundant diversity. With a wide range of scenery and landscapes, there are many possibilities for visitors to hike or swim, see and much more. Here are two of the most popular parks to visit in Japan:

Nikko National Park

Nikko National Park offers visitors the most enthralling perspective of Japanese lifestyle, landscape and society. The park doesn’t just offer unique landscapes, but it also has some of Japan’s most treasured historical sites. From breathtaking views and rewarding climbing to historical Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, There’s something for everyone.

Things to Do

Famous as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Toshogu Shrine is popular among tourists. However, it is also a popular tourist destination. Rinnoji Temple and the Iemitsu Mausoleum draw crowds too. Many visitors visit the park because of the numerous mountains, forests, lakes and waterfalls. The landscapes are filled with options for activities like hiking, climbing, kayaking and swimming.

How to Get There

About 180km from Tokyo, Nikko National Park is a great place to visit from Tokyo easily. Many visitors find it easy to use the Japan Rail Pass as a desirable feature to travel. It is affordable and easy to access, with lines between the park and it. Tohoku Shinkansen is a train that runs daily. Tohoku Shinkansen has lines that operate from Tokyo up to Utsunomiya Station daily.

Japan’s national parks are an endless source of natural wonder, making tours ideal for discovering them. Nikko National Park features the historic Toshogu Shrine and Ryuzu Falls. At the same time, Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park provides panoramic views of Mount Fuji from their relaxing Shuzenji Onsen bathing site. 

Daisetsuzan National Park on Hokkaido offers vast wilderness areas and alpine scenes. These parks make unforgettable experiences, so join Japan tours today and witness these beautiful places firsthand!

Kerama National Park

National parks in Japan are diversifying; Kerama National Park is an excellent example. It comprises 36 islands. Kerama National Park is an oasis of tropical coral reefs of humpback whales and sandy beaches. There’s plenty of marine life here. Take a dip in Kerama Blue Kerama Blue yourself and enjoy the clean waters of the park in person.

Things to Do

Take a stroll around the archipelago, take in the stunning scenery, and participate in the various activities the islands have to provide. Explore the sea turtles’ habitat and look for humpback whales, or take a break at one of the numerous beaches to enjoy a memorable experience. Don’t forget to take a walk on the trails that wind through the park better to understand the vast variety of wildlife in the region.

How to Get There

Kerama National Park is located approximately 1,300m southwest of Honshu, the main island in Japan. There are several options for travelling to this park. However, here are some of the most convenient. Because Kerama is quite a distance from the inland Japan, It is best to fly or by boat. If you’re travelling to Tokyo, Haneda Airport offers an hour-long flight of approximately 140 minutes from Naha Airport on the island of Okinawa. 

From there, passengers can board a speedy boat to any of the four islands: Tokashiki Island, Zamami Island, Aka Island, or Geruma Island. The boats take between 30 and 50 minutes. Be aware that speedy boats are usually sold quickly, so you must purchase your tickets early.


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