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Keep up with new fashion trends with these 10 Leather Handbags

As a female, having a handbag is necessary for carrying your essentials. Handbags are perfect for someone who likes to bring all their essential stuff. However, what if we told you there was a way to attain durability and catch up with fashion trends with just your handbag?

Right now, it might sound too good to be true, but wait till we show you what we have in store for you! This article highlights some of the best handbags made from the finest crafting material: Leather. Not only are leather bags durable, but they also look attractive and have a way of going well with any outfits you put together.

So, without further ado, let’s check out some trending leather handbags!

1.  Bostanten Women’s Leather Handbags

Coming with more than 6,500 satisfied reviews on Amazon, this leather handbag we mark this leather handbag as one of the most trusted options on the market. This leather handbag is made using cowhide leather, which according to High on Leather, is one of the best leathers in practical life. The handbag is further paired with gold hardware.

You can use a magnetic metal buckle to ensure additional security in your bag. The magnetic buckle will make the bag convenient to open or close. The main part of this bag comes with a removable pouch containing more pockets, including a slip, zippered, and the main pocket for carrying everyday items.

In short, this bag will come off as an absolute favorite if you are after something stylish and large capacity! You can choose from 24 color options and enjoy all of the versatile features it has to offer.

2.  ITSCOSY Leather Shoulder Bag

If you can’t get over black and have been looking for something that does a good job at resisting daily wear, this bag is a perfect choice!

The manufacturer is famous for making soft leather bags that are anti-scratch and tear-resistant. To make the bag look more beautiful, it comes with gold accessories. The elegant touch on gold accessories goes well with the color scheme. Furthermore, this bag has detachable straps that make it easier to carry.

The main zippered compartment of this bag helps significantly in organized staying. The main pocket also carries smaller slip pockets for essentials such as wallet, phone, and keys.

The 6,000 reviews on Amazon Vouch for the bag’s stylish and durable design. We are sure that this bag can offer you everything you can expect from a bag.

3.  Uncle Y Leather Handbag:

This bag has caught our attention for being spacious and high-quality leather for manufacturing. This leather handbag includes one huge-large, zippered compartment and additional slip pockets that allow you to carry your phones and keys. Additionally, there is also a zippered side pocket provided so that you can store your cash and wallet.

The material of this bag is soft to the touch, ensuring that it is very comfy to carry around. The best feature of this handbag is that it comes with adjustable leather straps. You can either adjust the small leather straps or attach a large one to carry it over a long distance.

This leather handbag comes in six neutral colors when discussing color choices. Hence, it’s safe to say that this handbag will make you catch up with all the ongoing trends!

4.   Kattee Leather Handbags

Are you looking to buy a present for that special woman in your life? You will want to choose something perfect. In that regard, you can’t go wrong with designer handbags!

This leather handbag from Kattee is made from waxed cowhide and comes accentuated with copper hardware. The manufacturer has focused on keeping the bag durable and lightweight, which explains the use of waxed cowhide. Four metal rivets help protect the bag from abrasion!

When we talk about the interior of this bag, it comes with two main compartments, set apart by a divider. It also includes two zippered and slips pockets that go a long way in helping the user store their belongings safely. This leather handbag throws adjustable buckles and removable straps into the mix, which accounts for its ease of use.

In short, if you are searching for something that would make a practical gift, this is it.

5.   Levogue Crossbody Handbag

Thanks to the creativity of the professionals who made it with their hands, this leather handbag surpasses the benchmarks for a good purse,

This bag from Levogue is the best for people that are looking for brown leather handbags. While this handbag has a design that marks it timeless, the manufacturer has used durable material to craft it, ensuring that it remains sturdy and withstands just about anything a bag goes withstands in terms of daily wear and tear.

On its exterior, this bag comes with a large zippered compartment and a slip pocket for holding valuable such as your phone. The zippers used in these leather handbags are sturdy and function smoothly. Furthermore, an adjustable strap with this bag allows you to wear this body as a crossbody!

6.   Aclulion Leather Handbag

Many people fancy this bag for its amazing design, and we can see why. Made from PU leather with an inner polyester lining, this ladies’ handbag is one of the most lightweight options available on the list, made from PU leather with an inner polyester lining.

The manufacturer has paired some smooth and sturdy zippers that give users access to two main compartments. Additionally, the bag design also features two zippered and slip pockets! You can also see the gold-told accents on the bag, which make it look much more elegant and give it the amazing touch everyone is gushing about!

This bag comes with eight different color schemes. Considering this handbag’s versatility, choices, and softness, we would say it’s well worth it!

7.   Fossil Fiona Crossbody Handbag

If you worry about leather not being an eco-friendly option, then this is the perfect option for you! Let us tell you, is there a way that allows you to enjoy the same aesthetics and features of a leather handbag while not made from real leather?

The credit goes to Fossil for such an innovative idea. They make their products sustainably, which means that this handbag is made using pebbled leather Litehide, which is extremely eco-friendly! Not only does this material ensure minimal waste, but it also results in efficient use of the raw materials!

Let’s discuss the interiors of this leather handbag. This handbag opens up to a compartment that consists of small zippered pockets for valuables, including cards or cash. This purse also hints at various golden details, which go a long way in elevating the look of this bag. Whether you’re looking to make a fashion statement or for something you can take to various occasions, this is the right choice!

8.   S-Zone Leather Handbag

This ladies’ handbag consists of a pliable cowhide full-grain leather with silver hardware accents. This handbag is a great choice if you have a lot of stuff to bring along. The various pockets allow you to carry as many items as you want. This handbag is so spacious that it can easily fit in a laptop!

The biggest advantage that this bag has to offer is versatility. This handbag allows users to adjust the smaller rolled handles and detach the longer strap unless needed. The two side pockets with two magnetic closures alongside a zippered one make it easy for the user to access their daily essentials.

9.   Montana West Large Leather Hobo Handbag

The list continues as we add one more bestseller! This beauty from Montana West has an astounding 3700 reviews on Amazon!

This bag features a double-zippered center pocket. This zippered pocket allows you access to a lot of space for storing your items. Not only that, this zippered center pocket goes a long way in ensuring that your items are stored safely in this bag! This handbag is very spacious and comes with pockets and dividers, which do their part in keeping the bag’s contents organized. Additionally, the zippered back pocket and two more on the sides will be the most suitable choices for keeping your most used items.

This handbag is yet another eco-friendly option on our list as it has been made using vegan leather. It is eco-friendly and made from vegan leather, making it extremely budget-friendly! You can find this bag in four different colors.

In short, spacious, stylish, and versatile, this bag would be a great choice for trendsetters!

10.  Iswee Genuine Leather Handbags

If you are looking for a handbag that can make up your daily life, this is a great choice! This handbag from Iswee’s comes with two main compartments, a zippered divider, a phone pouch, and a card slot, helping users keep all their stuff organized.

The silver-toned hardware on blends well with the design of this purse and goes a long way in giving it a classy look that people adore.

Final Words

And with all these options, we bring our list to a conclusion. Seeing so many options can often get overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what to expect from a handbag. To make things easier for you, we have done the homework and narrowed down the list to the best choices available!

These handbags have something special about them, which sets them apart and makes each a unique choice. So, go through each of them and consider your choices to find a perfect option for yourself. Happy shopping!


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