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Know About the gold rate today in Noida

Noida is a well-planned city in UP, India, that was designed as a part of the urbanisation thrust. Having the largest per capita income, the city is a hot spot for IT companies. The city is rapidly growing and has a huge number of people living in it. As the number of residents is increasing, there is a high demand for gold which grows even further during the wedding and festive season. The gold price today Noida is based on the international gold rate today.

The trend of gold rate today in Noida from April to June 2022

Factor May April June
Day 1 Rs. 5,217/ gram Rs. 5,186/ gram Rs.5,112/ gram
Last day Rs.5,149/ gram Rs.5,217/ gram Rs.5,023/ gram
Lowest gold price today Noida Rs.4,965/ gram on May 18 Rs. 5,154/ gram on 4, 5, and 6 April Rs.5,023/ gram on June 30
Highest gold price today Noida Rs.5,217/ gram on 1 May Rs.5,370/ gram on 18 and 19 April Rs.5,212/ gram on June 13
Trend Decline Incline Decline
Change -1.3% 0.59% -1.74%
  • Gold rates in Noida showed opening in April at Rs. 5,186/ gram and closing at Rs. 5,217/ gm. Over the month, the rate of gold jumped by 0.59%. The highest rate was Rs. 5,370, and the lowest was Rs. 5,514/ gm. 
  • Gold prices in Noida on the first day of May were around Rs. 5,217/ gram. If we compare it to the last day of April, the rate of gold remained unaltered on May 1. The gold rate overall fell by 1.3% in May. 
  • Gold rates in Noida were Rs. 5,112/ gram on June 1. Its prices fell by the end of the month and ended at Rs. 5,022/ gram. 

The trend in the Gold Rate in Noida from January 2022 to March 2022

Factor February January March
Day 1 Rs.4,881/ gm Rs.4,939/ gm Rs.5,081 per gram
Last day Rs.5,112/ gm Rs.4,881/ gm Rs.5,139 per gram
Lowest gold price today Noida Rs.4,881/ gm on 1 and 2 Feb Rs.4,839/ gm on Jan 10 Rs.5,081/ gm on March 1
Highest gold price today Noida Rs.5,149/ gm on24 Feb Rs.4,986/ gm on Jan 26 Rs.5,459/ gm on March 9
Trend Inclining Declining Inclining
Change 4.73% -1.17% 1.14%

The quarterly rate of gold in Noida from January 2022 to March 2022

  • A gram of gold on Jan 1, 2022, in Noida, was priced at around Rs. 4,939 and closed at Rs. 4,881/ gm. A declining trend was seen over the month as far as the price of gold is concerned. The percentage change was recorded as 1.17%. 
  • The gold rate in February opened at Rs. 4,881/ gm, and the precious metal’s overall performance saw an increase with a change in a percentage equal to 4.73% during the month.
  • In March, the gold rates in the city opened at Rs. 5,081/ gm, while it closed with the yellow metal reaching Rs. 5,139/ gm. There was an incline in the gold performance in the month by 1.14%. 


We hope this blog familiarises you with the gold rate today in Noida. Check our other blogs to know about the gold rate in other cities of India. 


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