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Know Exceptional Procedure of Khula in Pakistan For Female

Exceptional Procedure of Khula in Pakistan:

If you wish to know the exceptional procedure of khula in Pakistan by top divorce lawyers, you may contact us. Egypt’s Child Custody Law In the interests of the minor and his family, law number 25 of 1999 concerning child custody has been amended. The age of a minor in the past was seven years for boys and ten for girls. This law was changed in 1979 to make it ten years for boys and twelve for girls. The law on procedure of khula in Pakistan by top divorce lawyers was amended once more, and the age for both boys and girls has been raised to fifteen years.

If Mother is Not Divorcing?

It was also added that the minor could choose with whom he/she wishes to live after fifteen years of age. This amendment was criticized by many. As long as the Mother is not divorcing, she can claim the guardianship fee she gave to the child in court. Although it cannot be considered a wage or salary, it can be claimed by a mother to pay a monthly fee for her child. It is against the Penal Code to remove a child from the guardian.

Articles 284 and 292:

Articles 284 and 292 are mentioned for procedure of khula in Pakistan by top divorce lawyers. These violations can lead to imprisonment or punishment. These are the conditions for female guardianship: A mature woman is essential. A Muslim woman should be Muslim. A child can be given to either a Jew, Christian, or Muslim Mother up to the point that the child is able to comprehend the religion. He/she should reach that age and be given to a Muslim mother as guardianship. A mother’s religious beliefs can also affect the child.

Top Divorce Lawyers:

A woman on procedure of khula in Pakistan by top divorce lawyers must be able to care for the minor and is healthy. A woman should be honest and have a good reputation in society. A woman can marry a stranger if she is not married to the child’s uncle, father, brother, etc. She is only a good guardian if the child doesn’t have a stepmother. It is generally not a good idea for a child to stay with a stepfather. The judge may decide whether the child should live with both a mother and stepfather.


Any parent or guardian who attempts to seize a minor against their will or the will of the minor will be fined, imprisoned, or sentenced accordingly. The guardianships issue: There was no guardianship before 1979 on procedure of khula in Pakistan by top divorce lawyers. The female guardian will keep the children in her home and her family’s house. This was not the father’s responsibility or obligation. Article 100, which was amended in 1985 and added in 1979, requires that a divorced father prepare a separate home for his children and guardian. This house must be suitable and fit their needs.

Different Discussion:

The parliament has had to have a difficult discussion about the issue of a suitable house. If the father fails to prepare a suitable home, the guardian can choose the house or rent the money. Malaysian Child Custody Similar to Bangladesh and Pakistan, Malaysia gives priority to the interests of the child in child custody cases.


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