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Make Your Trade Show Work For You

To make your trade show fruitful, you will need to be creative. If you want to make your exhibit stand out in the trade fair, you need to be savvy on materials and usea company like UCON exhibitions. There are many kinds of materials you can use here. But aluminum is highly useful, if you wish to keep the cost low. Aluminum is the top favorite material to the exhibit designers who specialize in recyclable building. They use graphics printed onto fabric or some sort of recyclable plastic.

Packing cases can be made of decent recyclable plastic which are durable. They can usually undergo extensive reuse. And interior packaging can be made out of lightweight recyclable cardboard. You can also find velocity components, which are also extensively available when it comes to rental exhibits. They make your exhibit environmental friendly too.

Did you ever consider what happens to the used up exhibits go when a trade fair dies? Sadly, they are all destined to the landfills. But why should you let that happen? Since each and every part of businesses are scrutinized heavily these days regarding their environmental impact, dumping the older exhibits into the dumpster isn’t acceptable any longer.

So, it is best to work exhibit companies which recycle exhibits after use. Today, many exhibit companies come with special recycling program to deal with exhibits after trade fairs.

Their way of working is interesting. They create exhibits to begin with, but they do manage to keep used exhibits away from landfill sites. As for one instance, they arrange components arranged by contents. These things are later on sent into recycle streams. This way they are able charge their clients much lower.

As you understand, exhibits are seen with high esteems when they are environmental friendly. It is good to work with an exhibit designer company that has ISO 14001 certification. It is also a good idea to ask vendors about how they are planning to make environmental initiatives work for meeting the overall objectives of your company.

And when you hire some company for making your trade exhibit, you should consider reading the fine print. Your main objective should be ensuring that it isn’t toxic. Even the finest-designed exhibits can lose its appeal and impact, when the graphics aren’t truly spectacular. Nevertheless, printing processes used for producing the graphics – and the material they are printed on – might be awfully damaging to the environment. So you have to consider these things too.

Solvent-based printing has been for many years the key industry standard. But as time passes by, more environmental compatible and aqueous-based printing technologies are making their way in.

People are now more concerned about the quality of graphics related to early iterations of aqueous-based printing. As a result, the final output is today guaranteed to be as lively and longer-lasting as the solvent-based predecessors. So it is always a good idea to inquire of the graphic vendor regarding the type of printing process they’re using.


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