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Makita petrol blower ZMAK-BHX2501 and Bosch battery leaf blower ALB 36 LI Reviews

Makita’s leaf blower is independent of a power outlet thanks to a combustion engine. The model is very popular with consumers and almost invariably receives positive feedback.

The leaf blower blows the leaves into neat piles with a fast airflow of around 230 km/h or chases the annoying leaves out of the way.best sander for furniture this speed is enough to set smaller branches and damp fallen leaves in motion.

The leaf yellow blower from Makita scores with a relatively low airborne sound emission of only 89 dB(A) for a petrol engine. Although it is objectively still quite loud, it is moderate compared to most other models.

Reliably built, but a bit too heavy

Quite a few users emphasize that the ZMAK-BHX2501 leaf blower from Makita convinces not only with its functionality but also with its robust design and durability. With a weight of 4.4 kg, the garden tool is relatively heavy, here compact guide rollers would actually have been a real idea.


The Makita ZMAK-BHX2501 petrol blower is recommended for those consumers who have to clear large and remote properties of leaves and other garden waste.


Petrol operation (unlimited range of motion)

Available with the suction set (retrofitting of suction and shredding function)

Automatic decompression system (valve system for easier engine start)

High running time (up to 60 minutes)


Petrol operation (limited runtime)

Heavy (4.4 kilograms)


What is the displacement of the ZMAK BHX2501 leaf blower from Makita?

The engine has a displacement of 24.5 cubic centimeters.

What gasoline does the engine of the leaf blower need?

The Makita ZMAK BHX2501 can be refueled with super lead-free.

Is an instruction manual included?

Yes, an instruction manual is included.

Is the leaf blower suitable for snow removal?

Yes, according to customer experience, the leaf blower is suitable for removing snow.

Bosch battery leaf blower ALB 36 LI – high-quality blower of the middle class

The ALB 36 LI leaf blower from the traditional Bosch Gartengeräte company convinces with its ergonomic design and simple operation. This model is one of the favorites of the users and has proven itself many times over in the garden.

Clean the garden with a powerful airflow

The Bosch ALB 36 LI leaf blower surprises with an impressive blowing speed of up to 250 km/h for a battery-powered garden tool. If desired, the airflow can be throttled to a moderate 170 km/h in several stages. The high blowing speed makes it possible to mobilize even soaked leaves. The blower weighs 2.4 kg and is therefore pleasantly handy. Thanks to a slightly curved blowpipe, more precision is achieved in leaf blowing.

Neither batteries nor a charger is included in the scope of delivery. best glue for wood these accessories can be ordered separately, preferably also from Bosch.

Keep in mind that the average operating time with a fully charged battery is about 20 min. It, therefore, makes sense to always have two lithium-ion batteries at hand.


For garden and property owners who attach great importance to mobility and environmental friendliness, the Bosch ALB 36 LI cordless leaf blower is a suitable solution.


Battery operation (unlimited range of motion)

A powerful battery (36 Volt)

Lightweight (1.9 kilograms)

Battery and charger included (2 ampere-hours)


Battery operation (limited runtime)

No suction function

No information on blowing capacity and idle speed

No volume information


How long does it take to charge the ALB 36 LI leaf blower battery from Bosch?

According to the manufacturer, the battery can be charged within 70 minutes.

Can the leaf blower be used with batteries from other manufacturers?

No, according to customer experience, the Bosch ALB 36 LI 4-ampere-hour batteries can only be used with Bosch batteries.
Can a suction function be retrofitted?

No, a suction function cannot be retrofitted.
How much does the handle vibrate?

During operation, the handle of the leaf blower vibrates with a thickness of 2.9 meters per square second.
Does the leaf blower indicate the charge level of the battery?

Yes, the battery has a three-point charge level indicator that starts flashing when the battery level is running low.

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