Mens Suits Guide – A Day at the Races

You will spend a lot of time outdoors and on your feet. This immediately means that you should wear clothes that make you feel comfortable regardless of the weather.

The advice below may be kartexsuits if you have tickets to enter specific areas of a racecourse such as Ascot or Epsom, in which case you may be better off checking the official websites (or contacting the organizers). Dress Up Finally, if you’re not sure whether your dress code is acceptable for a race you’re participating in, check with the race organizers. Organizers reserve the right to refuse entry to a ticketed venue if you are not dressed appropriately.

Full suit or blazer?

The correct dress code for most competitions is a suit jacket, shirt and tie, with some competitions banning jeans and trainers. This strict dress code is often used if you have tickets that allow access to facilities such as VIP areas or if you want to enter restaurant facilities.

The problem of how to meet the demand for suit jackets, shirts and ties may seem simple, but you can try wearing two or three pieces or a blazer jacket and different colored trousers. .


Since this is considered a holiday event, you have every right to avoid the clothes you normally wear for business purposes. Business, gray, charcoal or navy and with their body, you can go easier with a brown or blue suit than navy. If you’ll be spending time outdoors in certain areas and suspect the weather will be cold, invest in a belt for an extra layer.

A suit can be paired with a white shirt, which requires formal cufflinks, but a navy shirt or a shirt in a contrasting color, such as blue or pastel colors, is equally appropriate for the occasion. Remember that the tie you wear should be a different color than your shirt and suit. Of course, it would be wise to carry a tie-dyed pocket square in the front pocket of your suit jacket.


This pair is paired with traditional navy blue, beige or mustard colors. While solid colored corduroy goes well with this look, moleskin or chinos would be better.

Since these colors go well together, the outfit works best with a white shirt. Pairing a shirt with a tie in a mix of colors and patterns will help set the look. Also, it’s great to use a pocket square that’s the same color as the handkerchief.

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If the dress code calls for leather shoes or boots, choose a lace-up style. If you’re free to wear anything on your feet other than these two trainers, choose a boot style like the Chelsea or Torino. The color depends on the shade of the pants you are wearing: gray and blue black leather. Curly, beige and mustard brown skins are desirable.

Why shoes? If you sit on the grass during your running experience, the ground may become wet. Unfortunately, your boot may be grassy or a little muddy, and the top of the boot reaches up to the ankle. On a final note, make sure the socks match the color of the pants and belt, and the color of the leather shoes.

Although today’s motorcycle racing clothing uses all the technical know-how to keep the rider safe and comfortable, racing jackets are popular in the traditional biker community. A little extra armor never hurts, and since most jackets use removable armor, you don’t have to be a robot at your local biker bar. And you don’t have to stick with basic black, the colorful designs prevalent in the racing jacket genre add another layer of biker cool!


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