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Mold Inspection and Removal


If you suspect a mold problem, you’ll want to choose a mold inspector that isn’t involved in the remediation process financially. Many companies in the Manhattan area provide low-cost mold testing as a way to get their foot in the door for potentially costly and needless mold removal.

We recommend that you hire a mold testing organization that has no financial ties to mold removal, remediation, or disinfectant products. We don’t have any conflicts of interest, won’t try to sell you anything, and don’t provide remediation services. Any suggestions we make are made with your best interests in mind. Make an appointment today by visiting the mold inspection near me Manhattan Beach. Mold inspectors inspect houses, schools, hospitals, and commercial structures.

What is included in our mold inspections?

What you’ll find in the majority of other mold inspections:

As a comparison, someone comes out and collects a single mold test inside and one outside. They spend about 10-15 minutes on your property in total. The laboratory results will be emailed to you without any interpretation from these mold testers. They will either make no advice for corrective action or, worse, send you an exorbitant bid for the job to be done by their company. They administer a “black mold test” without doing a complete mold examination to assist you to understand why the mold is present and how to prevent it from returning.

What you get when you hire Indoor Science to inspect your home for mold:

Our mold examinations include more than just mold testing. It is, in fact, an inspection. Our goal is to locate any mold growth that has developed indoors. Although air samples are informative, they do not reveal where the mold is forming. They don’t even explain why the mold is developing. We take the time to conduct a visual investigation of the property, which is less thrilling than mold air tests but is the foundation of a thorough mold inspection.

During mold inspections, we use cutting-edge technology. We utilize an infrared camera to scan your walls for potential hidden moisture sources in order to locate the underlying moisture source. Moisture meters based on capacitance and resistance are used to further explore any suspicious locations.

Air samples can be taken in either normal or disturbed conditions. Inner-wall sampling, often known as “wall check” sampling, gathers air from beneath drywall-based walls and may be recommended. For expert-level findings, we employ primary calibration equipment. The majority of mold testers employ a simple rotameter with a wide margin of error. In fact, the majority of mold inspectors don’t even calibrate their tools!

We may take surface samples (tape lift and swabs), bulk samples, VOC air testing, or ERMI tests on settled dust in addition to air samples. We devise a sample strategy based on the findings of our examination, taking into account your budget.

Unlike other mold testing firms, we not only provide you with a laboratory report, but also assist you in interpreting the results of the mold tests. 

When should I have a mold inspection done?

A mold check is not required in every house, office, or company. Here are some scenarios where a mold examination may be beneficial:

  • The presence of visible mold growth is discovered.
  • There is a musty odor.
  • For several days, the construction materials had been moist.
  • Water stains have been discovered.
  • Mold allergies have been detected in one of the occupants, and they are experiencing symptoms in the space.
  • The space will be occupied by someone who has a history of mold or moisture issues.
  • Condensation is a common occurrence on cold surfaces.
  • Someone allergic to mold is involved in a real estate transaction.
  • Moisture and mold issues have been identified by a house inspection.
  • Inside an office building, the air feels and smells moist.
  • A basement, often known as a below-grade floor, is a space beneath the surface of the ground


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