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Mystery wrapped in excitement: that’s all we know about the latest hashtag Waqt Honay Wala Hai

Pakistanis are constantly racking their brains to find out kes cheez ka waqt honay wala hai.

One thing’s for sure: the thrill, excitement, and waiting has led them to come up with about a million answers to the question.

While some people came up with interesting theories, others managed to come up with funny answers that made us all laugh hysterically.

Even the celebrities joined the trend and shared their thoughts on the matter.

We also noticed Mikaal Zulfiqar’s tweet gesturing that he had solved the mystery behind Ufone 4G’s #WaqtHonayWalayHai, but revealed nothing. Sigh!

Someone even tweeted that it was time for their pizza delivery!

And while we all love a delicious cheesy pizza, we enjoy solving mysteries more! And oh boy… this mystery is a tough nut for all of us to crack.

The hype surrounding #WaqtHonayWalaHai has kept us engaged and we, including thousands of other Pakistanis, are begging Ufone 4G to unveil the curtain and now reveal what’s behind #WaqtHonayWalaHai!

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