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Online Puja for Rahuketu | Here is Everything You Should Know:

Whenever we face some issues in our life or are not able to get the desired results from tasks, our elders often ask us to perform the Rahuketu Puja. According to Maha Purana, it is believed to make balance in life and restore harmony.

Rahu is the head part of the celestial snake, and Ketu is the tail. Rahu leads people on the self-destruction path, and Ketu is responsible for causing considerable impediments in the way. When Rahu and Ketu are malefic in an individual’s horoscope chart, these can negatively affect the person’s life. Therefore, Rahuketu Shanti Puja is performed to pacify and eliminate hardships and roadblocks from people’s journey.

Performing Rahuketu puja in the temple is thereby not necessary. If a native face any issues in their life, they can perform Online Puja for Rahuketu with the professional priest’s assistance.

Story of Rahu and Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are believed to be a follower of Saturn. According to Srimad Bhagavata Maha Purana, there was a saga for the Samudra Manthan. It describes that there was a treaty between demons and gods for nectar; given that, there was a sea churning, and it started with full enthusiasm.

God Dhanvantari appeared from clouds with a nectar vase in his hand. There was chaos amongst demons and gods for nectar as soon as God appeared. To sense and normalize the situation, Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Mohini and took the responsibility of distributing nectar. Demons were fascinated by Mohini’s avatar, and Lord Vishnu requested the two groups to be seated in different rows. After clearing off the chaos, he started distributing the nectar to devas, and this is where the real story originated.

Swarbhanu, one of the demons, adapted God’s form and sat amongst God Lane. As soon as Lord Vishnu served him the nectar, the sun and moon recognized his real avatar, and Lord Vishnu immediately severed his head from the chakra. However, because Swarbhanu’s neck tasted nectar, the head became immortal, named Rahu and was later joined with a body of snake called Ketu.

Why is Rahuketu Puja Performed?

Rahu gives an insatiable desire and is a path of illusion.

Rahu takes off people from their Dharmic past path, tempting them towards the road of self-destruction. It has a clarified purpose: it wants natives to feel, learn and taste everything. It further helps with the complete form of their senses, leading them to the path of self-realization to discover their true enlightenment.

Ketu- the lower part of the snakes, is responsible for significant impediments in the path, leading to traffic jams and roadblocks in the life journey.

Ketu teaches us to remove excess baggage from the past, travel lightly into future and focus only on specific areas. The effect of Ketu feels like going through the fire ritual, and it helps people become more powerful with an increased ability to handle everything thrown at them.

The Rahuketu pooja helps reduce or alleviate adverse effects of ill-positioned Rahu and Ketu from the native’s horoscope.

Rahu Ketu Mantra

“Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Sah Rahave Namah”

  • Rahu Mantra- Om Raam Rahve Namah”
  • Ketu Mantra- “Om Hareem Ketave Namah”

Rahu Ketu Pooja Benefits

  • Rahu Pujan helps solve the problem and suffering from Kaal Sarp Dosh due to the Rahuketu axis.
  • Eliminates the ill-effects of Rahu formed due to Jupiter Rahu conjunction in Guru Chandal Dosha.
  • Pacify the lousy influence of Rahu poorly placed in one’s horoscope.
  • Recommended for people who wish to settle abroad.
  • Beneficial for people suffering from phobia, illusion and hallucinations.
  • Rahu’s blessings help achieve success, fame and name.
  • Guards against the sudden rise and fall in life.
  • Helps enhance IT and Technical skills,
  • It helps improve concentration and focus,
  • When performed on Nag Panchami, it also helps with additional blessings of Nag Devta.

Who Should Perform Rahu Puja?

According to Vedic Astrology, anyone experiencing the following situations can get benefit from Online Puja for Rahuketu-

  • Under Rahu Bhakti (Rahu’s Minor Period),
  • Under Rahu Dosha (Rahu’s Major Period),
  • In the event of Kala Sarpa Dosha,
  • When Rahu is ill-placed in the horoscope.

When is Online Puja for Rahuketu Performed?

The Puja is performed when Rahu is badly positioned in the native’s horoscope or when it combines with other planets. For example, suppose the planet is placed in the fifth house and shifted towards the seventh house. In that case, individuals will face different problems related to relationships, finances, economics, and family issues.

The Online Puja for Rahuketu is performed during the time of Janma Nakshatra, the Zodiac sign, and on Sunday, Saturday, Rahu Kala or Amavasya.

●    Day for Rahu:

Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Online Puja for Rahuketu can be performed during Rahu times:

  • Sunday: Between 4.30 PM to 6.00 PM.
  • Monday: 7.30 AM to 9.00 AM.
  • Tuesday: 3.00 PM to 4.30 PM
  • Wednesday: 12.00 Noon to 1.30 PM
  • Thursday: 1.30 PM to 3.00 PM
  • Friday: 10.30 AM to 12.00 Noon
  • Saturday: 9.00 AM to 10.30 AM

Essential Facts about Rahu Ketu Pooja:

1.     Rahu Ketu Puja Procedure:

  • Rahu Shanti Sankalp
  • Kalash Sthaapane
  • Vinayak Puja
  • Kalasha Puja
  • Rahu Jap
  • Navagraha Jap
  • Poornahuti
  • Navagraha Purvak Rahu Homa
  • Prasad Vitrane.

2.     Rahu Shanti Puja Cost:

Most options provided in Online Puja for Rahuketu start at Rs. 11,000 and are performed with two pandits. These rituals include Ganpati Puja, Mandal Aradhana, Sankalpa, Kalash Aradhana, Asshirvanchan, Teertha Prasada Vinyoga etc.

3.     What are the details required for Puja?

  • Name of the Person who wishes to perform the Puja,
  • Place of Birth,
  • Date of Birth,
  • Your Sankalp from Puja
  • Any additional information you want to provide.

4.     Rahu Dosha Effects:

  • Downfall and unlimited desires,
  • Negative physical vibrations and thoughts,
  • Sudden loss in health, wealth and professional posts
  • Blaming game and unnecessary speculations.

5.     Rahu Dosha Remedies:

  • Donate to needy people,
  • Chant Rahu mantra during Rahukaal on Monday and Saturday.
  • Take good care and respect your parents,
  • Try to obtain the neutral position

Why is Charity important After Online Puja for Rahuketu?

To get success from online Puja for Rahuketu, the native or the performer must do charity for needy people, birds or animals. All the items from Puja will be donated and done right after the yagna puja service and shaligram shala puja. The following items are:

  • Grains
  • Gemstones
  • Fruits
  • Clothes
  • Dakshina
  • Brahmin Bhoj (1 or 2 priests)
  • Metal

A few items from the list will be donated to people and a few in temples, according to Hindu shastras. Therefore, this charitable act further helps achieve and fulfil the devotee’s desired results.


The position of constellations and planets holds a special significance in our lives and keeps changing with time. In astrological terms, Rahu-Ketu is called shadow planets, and if misplaced in the horoscope, these can badly affect an individual’s life.

Online Puja for Rahuketu helps balance the positions of shadow plants, restoring harmony in native life. For all the devotes wondering that the Puja is a lengthy procedure and you need to visit the temple for a whole day, SmartPuja has a more straightforward solution for you.

Eliminating the need to visit the temple and collect required items, all you need to do is book your Rahuketu online puja in the comfort of your home, only in a few clicks.

Book now and get professional assistance for Muhrat Dates.


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