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Outdoor LED Screen as Outdoor Cinema

Watching movies in an outdoor setup is an experience that most people would love to be part of. However, not every LED display out there will give you the same experience would get while in an indoor cinema hall.

It requires an outdoor display that was designed to maintain the same picture quality and color accuracy even when it’s in a bright environment. Using a projector is not the best solution since most of those in the market today can’t maintain the picture quality in an extremely bright environment.

What you should consider while choosing an outdoor display

One of the key factors you need to consider while choosing an outdoor LED screen is its peak brightness(measured in nits). The minimum level of brightness that we recommend for outdoor displays is at least 2000nits.

However, for extreme bring conditions, you may have to get a display that has above 5000nits. Screen resolution is another feature that you need to consider. The resolution of a display has a major effect on the image quality – something that is important if you want to get the best cinema experience.

In 2021, getting an outdoor display with a 4K resolution should be your ideal choice if you can afford it. However, a 1080p (Full HD) Display can also do a good job.


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