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Overview: Microsoft Power Platform A Power Tool For Business

Do you want to handle your business data in a streamlined, sophisticated, and an efficient way?

If yes, then you need Microsoft Power Platform.

However, you would not have heard about it if you were not a system administrator or Microsoft partner. So, hire a power platform partner to take all the benefits that the platform serves.

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

Power Platform serves the vision to increase the flow of data in the organisation. Furthermore, they can harness that data and get valuable insights through the platform.

It is trouble-free and easy to operate and does not necessitate any coding language. In addition, it can be perfectly combined with other Microsoft products to make business processes more proficient.

Benefits of Microsoft Power Platform

  • You can manage all your business activities and data on a single platform
  • You can build customised solutions to improve accuracy
  • You can avoid manual and repetitive tasks and automate your work flows
  • Reduce application development costs
  • Ensures compliance with the company’s operations and other activities
  • Streamlines and simplifies data reporting activities
  • It allows you to work remotely and access it from various devices
  • Provides the highest standard of data and cyber security
  • You do not need to invest in tech-savvy and IT-savvy employees because it is easy to use and does not need advanced coding knowledge
  • With Power Platform, you can avail full potential of AI

Integration of the Power platform with Dynamics 365 can enhance the ability and functionality of the software. So if you are still using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, it is high time to upgrade AX 2012 to D 365.

The Microsoft Power Platform is built around five major solutions:

●     Power BI

It is a business intelligence solution which provides a visual representation of a company’s data. As a result, authorities can get valuable insights through a user-friendly interface and adjust their business strategies accordingly.

Benefits of Power BI

Power BI offers greater reporting power and analytical muscle compared to Excel. With it, companies can assemble and analyse data from across the organisation. Hence, they can get valuable details and make better decisions according to real time data.

  • It can process a considerable quantity of data effortlessly
  • The machine learning capability of Power BI can make educated assumptions
  • If offers templates, so businesses can view visualised information
  • Being a cloud-based software, it is regularly updated
  • Users can create customised dashboards
  • It allows users to turn on alerts on KPIs and be up-to-date on metrics
  • It is easy to navigate as compared to complex spreadsheets
  • Power BI offers granular controls and ensures data security

●     Power Apps

Power Apps is built as a Platform as a service (PaaS), which allows you to create applications able to run well on any device. It has integrations with SharePoint online, Power BI, Delve, and OneDrive for business, which allows flexible lifecycle management solutions for the application.

Benefits of Power Apps

  • It allows users to build custom applications and APIs
  • Power Apps will enable you to create model-driven apps which are easy and consume less time
  • It has the feature of Single-Sign-On (SSO) that simplifies application development
  • As it is cloud-based, it reduces the cost of maintaining the application
  • You can easily connect native apps and avoid third-party services and tools
  • You can maintain several applications across various platforms as it allows you to share code across the platform
  • It allows to store, retrieve, and manage data easily
  • Power Apps is an affordable cloud-based solution

●     Power Pages

Power Pages is a secure and low-code software as a service (SaaS) platform that allows users to create, host, and administer external-facing business websites. It offers customisable templates and a fluid visual experience via a reimagined design studio.

In addition, it also provides an integrated learning hub to build sites to fit your business requirements speedily.

Benefits of Power pages

  • You can create websites using existing industry-based templates or create them in your own way
  • With design studio, you can build engaging sites without code knowledge
  • As it is established on Bootstrap, you can build responsive and mobile-friendly websites
  • Experts can extend a website’s functionality by using Visual Studio Code and Microsoft Power Platform CLI
  • It offers robust security

●     Power Automate

Power Automate was formerly called Microsoft Flow. It is a cloud-based service to create automated processes across various programs. As a result, you can automate boring manual tasks in Microsoft Office 365 and Azure and boost productivity.

It is configured in all Office 365 applications so that you can construct your own process.

Benefits of Power Automate

  • It can be integrated with other applications seamlessly through a connector.
  • You can easily share and access data from one app to another app.
  • It offers numerous pre-configured templates
  • As it automates workflows, you can save time and increase productivity
  • You can develop custom connections and integrate social platforms

●     Power Virtual Agents

Power virtual agents offer a no-code interface to create chatbots which can be deployed across various channels. It is the best option for people who do not have advanced coding skills and build sophisticated bots.

It was originally a part of Microsoft Dynamics 365, but in 2019 it was integrated with Power Platform.

Benefits of Power Virtual Agents

  • The authoring canvas design is easy to use and allows experts to configure a bot
  • It is dynamic, and you can easily make changes to it
  • It can be seamlessly integrated with other Power Platform, Microsoft 365, and other apps
  • Allows automation of common queries
  • Extend your chatbots with Azure bot services to build custom scenarios
  • Examine and analyse its performance with AI and data-driven analytics


The Microsoft Power Platform is the future of businesses because Microsoft constantly puts efforts into making the platform better. In addition, it is also focusing on citizen development, making the Power Platform a people’s software.

Though all the services emphasise on drag-and-drop model, oftentimes operation of the platform becomes complex. Hence, it is beneficial to hire a Power Platform Partner.


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