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Physical Therapy in Valley Stream: An Advance in Personal Health


Physical therapy has become a cornerstone solution for a vast array of bodily ailments, from chronic pain to injury recovery. A pivotal player in this field is Advance physical therapy in Valley Stream, a clinic that offers comprehensive and tailored recovery plans to suit individual needs.

Your Health Comes First

At Advance Physical Therapy, the belief that your health comes first is embedded in their ethos. Situated at 140 W Merrick Rd, Valley Stream, New York 11580, the clinic is conveniently located for residents of both Long Island and Queens. If you’re dealing with pain or injury, your path to recovery could be just around the corner.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Advance Physical Therapy offers a variety of services that cater to diverse conditions. From orthopedic rehabilitation for arthritis sufferers to sports rehabilitation for athletic injuries, the clinic provides a spectrum of solutions. Their wellness program, designed for those concerned about their physical well-being, is another testament to their commitment to holistic health.

Personalized Care

The team at Advance Physical Therapy is composed of caring professionals who understand that no two patients are alike. They are dedicated to creating a personalized recovery plan for each client, ensuring that the treatment process aligns with the individual’s specific needs and goals.

Book Your First Appointment

The first step to recovery is reaching out. Advance Physical Therapy invites you to book your first appointment and experience their top-tier services. The promise is simple: You will not be disappointed.


Advance Physical Therapy in Valley Stream is more than a physical therapy clinic. It’s a place where your health is prioritized, your needs are met, and your recovery is possible. As you consider the implications of your physical condition and potential solutions, remember that a team of professionals is ready to assist you on your journey to better health.


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