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Physical Therapy When You Have a Slip and Fall Accident

When you slip and fall, this can cause significant strain on your muscles, ligaments and tendons. If you land on your back, or you are twisted when you hit the ground, you can end up with pain, stiffness, and poor range of motion. Physical therapy is used to address issues caused by a slip and fall accident. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, you get the care you need in order to have a full recovery.

Your Physical Therapy Assessment

At your first appointment with a physical therapist after a slip and fall accident, you will go through a careful assessment to determine what is going on with your body. Any problem areas will be identified, and your strength, range of motion, and pain levels will be tested. You will talk to the physical therapist about your goals, and a treatment plan is established to get you the treatment you need. Once your assessment is over, treatment can start right away for maximum benefit.

What to Expect from Physical Therapy

Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we want you to understand that we are with you every step of the process. We work closely with you to develop your treatment goals, and we will answer any questions you have about your treatment. You will see the physical therapist several times a week, as treatment is progressive. When you are consistent with treatment, you are going to have a more successful recovery overall. You can expect to spend about an hour at the office when you are in physical therapy, which may include warm-up exercises, stretches, and hands-on treatment.

Your Home Exercise Program

A home exercise program is developed over time to help you build up strength slowly. You will be taught exercises that help you stretch and strengthen your body, without causing pain. If your exercises are painful to do, stop the exercise. When you aren’t sure how to complete an exercise, ask your physical therapist for clarification. Your exercises should be done consistently, in order for you to get the maximum benefit. By working hard on your home exercise program, you play an integral role in your overall healing process.

Your Mobility After a Slip and Fall Accident

If you are sore and stiff, it’s hard to stay mobile. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we understand how important it is to be as mobile as you can be. When you remain sedentary, this is only going to make your mobility problems worse. With the help of a physical therapist, you can reduce inflammation and improve your mobility. If you have significant pain when trying to walk, a physical therapist can address the pain, and work towards a solution. Poor mobility can lead to more significant problems, if you don’t address the root cause of the issue.

When you work with a physical therapist her at PT Link Physical Therapy, you get the care you deserve to recover from your injuries. A slip and fall accident can leave you stiff, sore, and cause problems with range of motion in any of your joints. With the help of a physical therapist, you can get to the root cause of your pain. Treatment will be focused on strengthening and supporting your body as it heals. You can recover from an injury, and it is beneficial to work with a physical therapist in the process.

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