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Pros and Cons of Pay-TV Australia

Are you still not convinced whether or not to use Pay TV in Australia? Let’s give a list of the pros and cons of putting an end to this confusion.

The range of video streaming options is enough to confuse us as consumers. The list of channels and the number of providers available can make it difficult to choose one streaming option. But, this article will shed light on the pros and cons of pay-TV Australia to enjoy the dozen quality services. Read on the following points while the list of your favorite channels awaits you.

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Here are the highs and lows of choosing pay-tv:

Pros of pay-tv Australia

  • Latest video resolution:

Are you thinking of the latest video resolution? Well, pay-tv can handle these issues without a problem. 4k video resolution is not a problem for Pay-Tv. Enjoy the new technology for a better experience.

  • More stable than cable connection:

If you want to get rid of your not-so-flexible internet provider, choose pay-tv in Australia for a more stable internet connection. It is one of the selling points for this service in Australia.

  • No lags and buffering:

Lags are the mood spoilers when it comes to enjoying your favorite TV shows. Whether video streaming or binge-watching the top TV series- you cannot expect any lags or buffers.

  • Great for small data plans:

Pay-TV is a great choice for households and small neighborhoods. That’s why it’s a great choice for those who complain about low network speeds.

  • Viable to enjoy other internet packages:

A bundle of offers out there makes your TV experience grow better than before. So, it would be best if you went for Pay-tv Australia to avail various internet and telephone packages based on your preferences.  

  • Suitable for live streaming:

It’s another plus point of using pay-tv in Australia. Live streaming is consistent without any lags or speed breakers.

  • Local recording programs for later use:

Well, what is better than the recording option? Like many other streaming services, pay-tv also gives the bonus of recording your local programs.  

Cons of pay-tv Australia:

Here are a few downsides:

  • Bounds you in a fixed contract:

Honestly, this point is a deal-breaker. How! Pay-TV is not suitable for you if you are not interested in a fixed contract. You have to pay a fixed amount every month based on the nature of your streaming package.

  • Cost more than a normal package:

Yes, it will cost you more than your normal cable internet package. But, it is worth the price.

  • Requires hardware for installation:

If you think of a magic trick, that will not work here because pay-tv needs invasive installation hardware into your house. That means wires, a TV receiver/box, and a dish antenna.

  • Restricted to home and a few devices:

Okay, sharing is not the case here. Pay-tv restricts you to home and internet devices. Moreover, you cannot expect to share it with your entire neighborhood.

  • Price bundles can be confusing:

It is the worst of the cons. while price bundles can be confusing, your pay-tv providers may charge you more than you should pay.

  • Restricted to only one profile:

Same as the one before, pay-tv works with only one profile at a time. That implies one account for one profile.

Final words:

Indeed, living in Australia means you are open to several streaming options. Pay-tv is one of them. Pros and cons are right here. So, opt for pay-tv for the latest video resolution, no lags, live streaming and various bundles. However, cons like a fixed contract, one profile per contract and a monthly one might put you off. Consider these points and make the call.


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