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Safely Download Videos and Share with Others – How?

Netizens, these days, demand content capable of adding value to their lives and enhancing their information regarding topics they are interested in. Considering this demand, businesses and websites are putting immense effort into generating quality content. While there are multiple types of content, videos are enjoying much popularity lately. Their immense popularity amongst the audience is their ability to combine multiple types of information in one place, such as textual, visual, and audio.

In addition to informational content in videos, users can also watch entertaining, educational, and motivational videos online. Multiple platforms and websites contain various videos to educate, entertain, inform, and motivate viewers. However, the users can only access the content when they are online. What if they want to save such videos offline and share them with their circle? The solution will be to download those videos.

Many people don’t know the methods to download videos on their devices. Therefore, we have put together some details about effective methods to help you download and share videos safely. Further details are given below:

Video Downloading Software

When it comes to downloading videos from the web, the first thing that comes to mind is video downloading software for PCs. This software can download video content from multiple websites according to the user’s requirements. As a user, you can choose the format of video to be saved on your device for offline usage. Such software even allows you to download the audio of a file only if visuals are of second priority for you.

It is worth mentioning that most software used to download videos on PCs is not free. You have to purchase the software or pay monthly or yearly subscriptions to use it. Furthermore, using software for video download is not so easy. You have to install the plugin on your default browser to work properly. The process of transferring downloaded videos from your PC to another device, especially iOS devices, will not be convenient as well.

Online Video Downloader

Downloading videos from the web on any device, regardless of its operating system, is only possible with an online video downloader. You can also use the tool to download videos and share them with others safely. You must copy the URL of a video you want to download and then access the downloader. Once you do that, paste the URL of the video into the given box and tap the download button.

After validating the given URL, you will see a couple of download options in the form of SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition). You can choose any of the given options according to your preference. Saving video in SD may affect your offline watching experience. The best thing about this method is downloading videos from various websites without paying a single dime.

Video Downloading Extensions for Browsers

Another easy method to download video content from the web is to use downloading extensions for browsers. First, you must search for an installable extension on your default browser capable of downloading videos from various websites. Once it becomes aware of a downloadable video on the webpage you are browsing, it will immediately show the download option as a popup.

You can tap the popup download option, and you will be able to save the video file for offline usage on the device in the same quality. However, it is worth mentioning that video downloader extensions don’t support all websites. Therefore, you won’t be able to download videos from some popular streaming websites with the help of this method.

 Video Downloader Apps for Smartphones

We generally watch online videos using our smartphones because it is convenient. As a user who wants to download a video from the web and share it with others, you will want to download those videos directly on your smartphone. While you can do it using an online video downloader, some apps are available on smartphones to download videos.

It is worth mentioning that most of the apps available for this purpose support one or two platforms at max. Therefore, you may have to install several apps on your smartphone to download videos from various platforms. Furthermore, such apps are not free, and you have to pay subscriptions to use them and download online videos.

End Note!

Videos have become the most effective source of information for the modern-day audience. People prefer watching online videos instead of reading long articles to get information on a particular topic. However, sometimes you may need to download those videos and share them with others. We have discussed a few practical methods to download videos in detail above. Hopefully, you will follow these tips to download videos.  


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