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Securing User Interaction with Address Verification

Every one of us has experienced the address verification checks whenever requesting to open a bank account or a vehicle registration application. Most of the new systems of the digital world are always looking for the primary addresses of every entity which tries to interact with it.

The address verification process has started its operations at various levels in many countries as a necessary check before any new process or application from customers and clients. It is an important phase of information security with the statistics showing improved results in ensuring the security for most organizations. Having a secure address provides healthy application processing and eliminates the risks of fake identities and theft of property.

What is Address Verification?

Address verification is the process of locating a real and primary address of a particular client or a business to make sure the correct target customer is met. With the correct address of the client, the service providers are more willing to work without any reluctance.

The Address verification service (AVS) is an address validation operation that is carried out by most businesses to enable merchants to authenticate before any deal and transaction.

Types of AVS Solutions

There are different ways to address verification which are mostly used for verification operations, some of the techniques are listed below. 

Partial Verification

Partial verification that is also called Zip code verification is a method in which the user is asked to fill the fields that are empty, the system automatically generates several fields and inputs them by the area and location of the customer through GPS scanning.

Post Verification

This method is used mostly worldwide, it asks the user to input in all the listed fields of address. The user input is then checked against the system for a valid address. The system then verifies the address by checking the resources online.

How do companies Approach the address of a user?

To verify a user’s address the complete address verification process is followed by most businesses online. The address verification process starts with evaluating the address of a user with some checks to ensure correctness. Different technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and OCR perform in the digital address verification system. Let’s see how an address is verified by the organization.

Address Document Verification

The OCR tech is involved in extracting the user address by reading the characters inputted by the user. This process is operated automatically in real-time with the help of AI. The data entered by the user is verified by comparing it with legal documents and resources provided by the client.

Address Confirmation

The Address inserted by the client is further processed after complete verification from the documents. It is checked through multiple databases throughout the country to confirm the location of the user.

Address Management

The address is then managed by evaluating the areas and locations around for ensuring correctness. It is broken down into several components such as zip code, street number, city, and country for efficient examination.

GPS Check

In the end, the global positioning system is used to locate the geo-address of the user, this process guarantees the digital onboarding of the client to interact. The geolocation of the user is used to analyze the address to use the available information for providing services in the future.

The Role of address verification in preventing Cyber Crimes

Fraudsters are always looking to cheat in new ways, the cybercrime authority is working digitally to prevent scams, The address verification service lays a good platform to tackle the challenges. Some advantages of Address Verification are:

Prevents Shipment Fraud

Users are always concerned about secure shipments, whenever ordering anything from any business online, everyone opts for a secure method of shipment. Address verification process is keen to prevent fake shipments. It minimizes the probability of fraud by verifying the user.

Secures Identity Verification

The identity verification process is incomplete without proper address verification. It is a major aspect of online verification which is used by most industries worldwide.

Enhance Experience

With verified addresses at both ends of a business, the experience is greatly enhanced with more opportunities for both clients and organizations.


As data is necessary for most organizations and businesses, a correct address ensures that the right client accesses the information. No one wants to expose their information to everyone online, Address verification comes in handy for providing a secure experience for both users and service providers.

Address verification is a necessary part of securing online interactions and transactions. It is used by almost every entity either a business or a private firm. 

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