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Shootout Lyrics Meanings Written by Izzamuzzic & Julien Marchal

Izzamuzzic is a songster and tunesmith who have written numerous popular songs. The shootout is one of his most well- known songs. The lyrics to” Shootout” are veritably meaningful and tell a story. The song is about the girl who’s inside the man.

Lyrics of the Track Shootout:

In this song, the singer is making a suggestion to the loved one that the girl in the song was always by his side no matter what happened in each and every situation. It has simple lines but deep meaning to the reference and value of the song. By describing lyrics meaning the singer identifies as a female and seems eager to speak with her in the song’s music video. After listening to the song, the singer is curious to find out who the girl next to him is. He makes a solid musical choice, and it seems to be a hit. She responds, “I was the girl on your side,” when the singer wonders about the female. Although the song’s words have not yet been determined, they seem to have been created with various emotions.

There is a girl who was on your side
I was the girl who was on your side
There is a girl who was on your side
I was the girl who was on your side

Izzamuzzic Complete Biography:

Izzamuzzic is an American dancer and songwriter. She has been dancing since she was three years old and has been singing for as long as she can remember. Izzamuzzic is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in Dance and Music, and she has performed with artists such as Travis Wall, Marques Houston, and Doug E Fresh. She was also on the TV show America’s Got Talent in Season 11 where she made it to the semi-finals.

Julien Marchal Biography:

Julien Marchal is a French composer and pianist. He was born in France on 13 June 1985. He is now 37 years old. He is very popular in his career. His highest position in charting is 78 and 242 is his worst ranking position. He also appeared on the best France best musicians chart.

Releasing history of the track:

The track Shootout lyrics released on 30 June 2022. Julien Marchal and Izzamuzzic are its writers. Izzamuzzic is also the producer of this track.

The Shootout lyrics popularity on TikTok:

Izzamuzzic’s “I Was the Girl Right by Your Side” music goes on TikTok. We can trace the most established appearance of this tune on YouTube by Yıkıklar Malikânesi on June 7, 2022. With TikTok we have entered another world, where it’s provocative to partake in the exhibition. Anyone can enter content, add their style and shoot. The farther unique the stories, the better it is, similar to Shootout Tiktok’s pattern.
Derived from an energetic and different original field of specialists, TikTok has set up another place for distraction, fueled by music, variety, innovativeness and swoon, which also helped its creator to come notorious online. What Is I Was the Girl Right by Your Side Tiktok Song? Pattern explained innumerable people have enjoyed using Tiktok, and various warbles and music recordings are moved there; one of them is “Shootout Tiktok”, music.
Shootout Tiktok Song is patterned and getting a web sensation on Tiktok in light of the fact that individualities have a lot of fun shooting this tune and suppose it’s witching. On Tiktok, this tune has marked the north of 2 million shots and the pattern continues thus far.


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