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Shrouds Gaming Setup Breakdown 2022

Shroud is a famous professional gamer who turned into a full-time streamer in 2017. However, his gaming skills have impressed the budding gamers and fellow professional esports players ever since he started playing. Initially, his gaming schedule was limited to Counterstrike: Global Offensive or CS: GO; however, now he is famous for playing various games, including PubG, apex legend, etc. 

Earlier his fans were limited to budding or professional CS: GO players, but now he has a huge fan count amongst different categories of games. He is one of the top Twitch streamers, famous for gathering views and subscribers by playing and streaming other games. Although he is a popular full-time twitch streamer, he moved to Mixer in 2019. Even after changing the streaming platform, his fan count was intact and was constantly expanding. 

If you are a budding gamer or simply wishing to switch your gaming style to Shroud’s, the most crucial factor to note is his setup. We have provided a detailed breakdown of all the components of Shroud’s PC, ensuring that his efficiency is kept intact. 

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Shroud Setup 2022

The updated setup of Shroud for streaming and playing includes the given components:


If you are wondering what mouse does shroud use, the answer is he uses Logitech G pro wireless gaming mouse. This mouse offers him a better response speed and efficiency, and it is one of the best gaming mouse available on the market. This mouse provides an efficient sensor with an accurate responding time that enables Shroud to stream without hindrance. Also, this wireless mouse is his first choice as it reduces the number of cables attached to his PC and hence is more convenient to use. 


Shroud uses an advanced keyboard for his key binds and shortcuts. He uses a Logitech G pro X mechanical gaming keyboard while streaming and playing. This is a ten keyless keyboard that helps him manage the desk space and provides better convenience for him. This keyboard comes with easy to replace or change switches, and hence, there is no barrier if sticking to a specific color. The significant advantage of Shroud’s keyboard is that it allows him to react faster to the game hence improving his performance. 


To ensure that your mouse works properly and does not cause issues in free movement, it is essential to get an efficient mouse pad. Shroud uses a Logitech G640 gaming mouse pad to rest his mouse. This mouse pad allows a precise and accurate movement of the mouse, which is essential for a professional gamer. It is appropriate in size and performance. The dimensions of this mouse pad are 3x460x400mm which allows users to glide the mouse in a larger space. 


The display is one of the most critical components in Shroud’s PC. He uses a BenQ Zowie XL2540 gaming monitor while streaming. This gaming monitor is a 240Hz monitor which offers one-millisecond grey to grey response time. As a professional gamer, Shroud requires quick reaction speed without any restrictions, and this monitor is highly efficient in providing the same. The size and resolution of this gaming monitor are one of its best features. Also, this monitor provides two side shields to prevent disturbances from factors such as sunlight. 


While streaming, Shroud needs to listen clearly and efficiently. Also, he needs to ensure that all the voices are heard clearly by the viewers. For this purpose, he uses a Logitech G Pro X gaming headset. This headset consists of a USB sound card, ensuring that the audio quality is excellent. Another benefit of this headset is the design. It is highly comfortable and fits perfectly. This headset comes with a blue design’s technology-based microphone, which ensures uninterrupted and clear communication

Graphics Card

Since he plays various games with high-level graphics, he needs his PC ready for such challenges. He uses the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 TI graphics card, which allows him to set high graphics settings and the maximum frame rates per second. This graphic card offers him more than 240 FPS in different games he streams and plays. 


Shroud ensures that his voice is clear and uninterrupted while streaming. For this purpose, he uses a microphone and one attached to his headphones. He uses a Shure SM7B microphone which is an exclusive high-quality microphone. This microphone is a dynamic style cardioid design that minimizes the overall distortion or interruption. 


Along with graphics cards, processors play a vital role in a PC’S performance. For the same reason, Shroud trusts Intel’s 9th generation i9-9980 XE processor for his PC. This processor allows Shroud to open several tabs while streaming to help him in reference gaming. Also, most of the games he streams and plays are heavy games and require a strong CPU. 


As you might have read about Mongraal settings or Clix settings, most players use different camera settings. Shroud uses Sony Alpha A6000 to ensure that his streaming is very clear. Also, since he streams for hours, his camera must have an excellent performance battery wise. Sony Alpha A6000 comes with a 24 Megapixel sensor with 1080p recording and streaming Quality. 


Shroud’s setup is a specific arrangement of exclusive tools that helps him during his streaming and supports his gaming performance. The specifications of these components highly influence his efficiency.


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