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Solutions to fix iPhone Contacts Disappeared After iOS 15 Update

Since the first day, the iOS 15 update has proven buggy, and users reporting issues from the one day one. Problems like fast battery drain, ill-functioning personal hotspot, and most common are iPhone contacts disappeared and it made the update nightmare for users. However, there are several ways available that can fix the issue if perform carefully. We have mentioned the workaround that will help in regaining access to your lost contacts. 

Why do My Contacts Disappear?

To be very honest, lost contact on iPhone is not a new issue, users are facing it for a long time and it is a common iOS problem but the cause could be a sluggish internet connection that hampers the process of syncing contacts to iCloud. 

Recover Missing iPhone Contacts after iOS 15 Update 

Force Kill Contacts App

This might be the basic solution for some but it worked most of the time. That’s why it is suggested to stop your contact app forcefully.  This will bring back the lost contacts from the iPhone and it takes a few seconds. 

Hard Reset Your iPhone

Hard reset on your iPhone is another common yet effective solution that recovers the lost contacts most of the time. If you think, a hard reset can delete or remove your data don’t worry it just removes the software hitches. 

Restart Your iPhone

Restarting the device can work for many iPhone iPad issues and it is a basic task to perform. All you need to hold on to the power button to show Slide to Turn Off, turn it off and hold on to the power button to open your iPhone again.  In case, your iPhone screen is frozen, other options are also available. 

Turn Off/ On iCloud Contacts

Turning off and on iCloud contact is a trustworthy solution to getting lost contact after the iOS 15 update. This solution halts the sync process and gives the system time to fix the bugs automatically. Hence, trying this will defiantly help you retrieve lost contacts from the iPhone device. 

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