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Spekit becomes first women-founded company to raise $45 million to reinvent training for remote teams – Webeys

As reported by Forbes, Spekit, the brainchild of Pakistani powerhouse Zari Zahra and co-founder Melanie Fellay, has announced a $45 million Series B funding round led by Craft Ventures, with the participation of Felicis, Operator Collective, Matchstick Ventures, Renegade Partners, Foundry Group, and Bonfire Ventures.

Spekit is the premier onboarding and training platform for remote teams. It is now the first women-founded company in Pakistan to raise funding of this magnitude, bringing the total amount raised to $60 million.

Spekit gathers top tech talent in Pakistan, with hubs in Karachi and Denver, eager to join the goal of revolutionizing the way we learn on the job.


The company is growing rapidly in Pakistan and is looking for new talent in software engineering, leadership and other fields.

Spekit has expanded its workforce and increased annualized sales by more than 300 percent since securing a $12.2 million Series A financing round in March 2021.


Many of the world’s most innovative companies, such as Uber Freight, Snowflake, Outreach, Invesco and Southwest Airlines, rely on Spekit to provide real-time information and training to their employees without impacting their day-to-day operations.


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