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Step By Step Guide On How To Install Roller blind Perfectly

Your house is like your family member. You are living in that house so you must have to care for, clean, decorate and maintain your house. House is a structure of many small things which are used in everyday life. Doors and windows are important in the house. They are maintaining air circulation in your house. You can decorate the window with blinds, curtains and shades to make your window look attractive.

Blind is very popular to decorate the window. People uses different types of blind to decorate their window. We will discuss roller blind which is one of type of blinds. Roller blinds are chosen when you want to cover your window by pulling the cord. When you pull the cord roller blind comes down and goes to the top of the window when you pull it back. The mechanism of the roller blind is all slats are set at top of the window in a roll. You can install roller blinds by following the guide given by Blinds Melbourne service or you can take help from them to install roller blinds.

Here we are going to discuss step by step guide on how to install roller blind at home without taking the help of anyone:

What You Will Need Before Start To Install Roller Blind :

l You will need the correct blind at the window, the brackets, the mechanisms, the chain, the child safety latch, a step ladder, a tape measure, a drill or screwdriver, screws, a flat head screwdriver, pencil, electrical tape, and other various hand tools which may be needed during installation.

l For masonry, you will need a hammer drill with a masonry drill bit 5.5mm or 6mm, 6mm wall plugs, a hammer, and a dustpan or handheld vacuum. Some packaged blinds come with 5.5mm plugs.

l For plasterboard or gyp-rock, you will additionally need gyp-rock plugs and possibly spring toggles (drywall anchors). 

l For complicated or advanced installation you will need some extra and advanced machinery.

Below Is Step By Step Installation Guide To Perfectly Install Roller Blind:

  1. Find The Perfect Place To Fit Roller Blind

You can fit a blind in front of the window in a different way. Choose the place depending on available space :

l One of the best places is to fit a roller blind and set it on the window frame. This is cover your whole window and gives stunning look.

l You can also fit the blind on the wall, which will give protection to your roller blind.

l If your window is on height and hard to reach every time you must have to fit a remotely operated roller blind to the ceiling so you will easily operate it.

  1. Make Sure There Are No Obstacles

You have to make sure that there are no obstacles that could not come in the way to roller blind when you pull up or pull down. If you forget to check the obstacles they will surely obstruct the blind. After you finish the installation. So your one mistake can fail your all effort to install of roller blind

  1. Measure The Width Of Window Where You Want To Fit The Roller Blind

When you had decided where you want to install the roller blind measure the width of the blind and mounting brackets. Make space of 5 mm extra at each side of the frame so you can set the brackets into the wall easily.

  1. Decide On Which Side You Want To Fit The Chain

Roller blinds are operated with a pulling chain. This chain can be set on only one side. So first you need to decide on the right or left side and fix the bracket inside or on the window frame. The bracket with a protruding pin, hex-head fitting or groove is the side with the chain mechanism.

  1. Fitting The Brackets To The Window Frame Or Wall

After deciding the position of the bracket, mark and drill the holes into the wall. After that fit the first bracket and tighten the screws lightly. 

Now adjust the roller with a spirit level so horizontally. Then mark for drilling holes and fix the second brackets into the holes.


6. Cutting The Blind To The Right Width

Now it’s time to cut the blinds. Measure the total width of the area you want to fit the blind and cut the blind with that measure. Fit that blind into the roller. 


7. Cutting The Fabric To Size

Now open the fabric roll to the flat surface. Take measure of blind and fit the measure onto fabric and cut it to blind size. 

  1. Fixing The Fabric To The Roller

After cutting the fabric, the fabric has to roll up and down at the window side. Make sure on which side the chain mechanism is fitted. The fabric must be fitted to the roller so it should be horizontal, as otherwise, it will not roll up straight! Fold the last 5 cm of the fabric and make a sharp fold. Then fit the roller into the fold with the self-adhesive strip facing toward the up direction. With the help of both hands, roll the roller up to the top of the fabric, keeping it perfectly straight. Then roll up a quarter part of the blind, and insert the lower rod into the opening provided. Now the blind is ready to cover the window.

  1. Hanging The Blind

After doing the above steps finally insert the roller into the one side bracket with the chain mechanism and then fit it into the other bracket.


Fitting roller blinds is very easy if you go through the step-by-step guide given above. There are many blind fitting experts available in the market who are giving you excellent service. Fitting roller blind yourself also can save your money. The above step-by-step guide is suggested by an expert in fitting Roller Blinds In Melbourne. Your roller blind is perfectly inserted after you follow this step. 

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