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The Creative Uses of Instagram

The Uses of Instagram are not limited to the sharing of photos and videos. Users can also share photos of their pets to attract followers. For example, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art shared a picture of its dog wearing a t-shirt and received a huge number of likes. Readers can contribute to the conversation by sharing their creative uses of Instagram.

Influence of social norms

The social comparison theory suggests that people judge their own worth by comparing their own attributes with those of other people. These comparisons can be upward or downward. Instagram provides multiple opportunities for upward comparison, which may negatively impact a young woman’s body image. However, this does not necessarily mean that Instagram is responsible for negative feelings of inadequacy. Nevertheless, the social comparison theory provides evidence that social media can contribute to this problem.

To understand these effects, future studies should include personal characteristics as moderators of the conditions. For example, we could use personal characteristics to investigate whether mediated associations between Instagram use and dissatisfaction continue or become more pronounced with time.

Impact of affordances

In psychology, affordance is defined as a property or characteristic that makes an object available for use. This property or characteristic is the result of a relationship between the object and its user. For example, a chair provides a person with the possibility of sitting, standing, and throwing it. The meaning of affordances is important to usability. Moreover, a clearly defined affordance will prompt users to use the object in the way that it is intended.

This study is limited by the sample size. In order to further examine its implications, future research should interview more SMEs across different business sectors. In addition, generalizing the findings to the entire population of SMEs in Ghana may not be appropriate, given the study was limited to a small group of companies. The findings are generalizable if further research is conducted to use a quantitative approach. Moreover, this study did not explore the role of social media applications in facilitating affordances.

Impact of hegemonic conventions

One of the most striking ways in which Instagram’s hegemonic conventions are affecting the platform is through its use of emoji. In the comments section of Instagram posts, the widespread use of emojis is evident. This feature of the platform, along with its space-saving nature, can be interpreted as a hegemonic convention, as it systematically downplays verbal communication and instead, focuses on imagery. Further, emoji-rich language is another example of the perceptible affordances of the platform, as it is closely connected to the platform’s emphasis on imagery. Additionally, emoji are often read as low-cost and space-saving signifiers, and their content, including the use of hashtags, can convey normative dimensions.

The coding procedure enabled a detailed understanding of the modes of engagement of Instagram users. The findings suggest that there are three distinct modes of Instagram use: dominant, negotiated, and oppositional. In particular, dominant usage corresponds to the platform’s designer-imagined affordances and is associated with motivational picture quotes, while negotiated use involves text-rich posts and opposing texts.

Impact of hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram are an easy way to get more followers. They appear in search results and are easy to hide behind gifs or stickers. Instagram has several types of hashtags. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Use them wisely for maximum effect. Here’s what you can expect from using them:

Hashtags on Instagram are no longer a new concept. While they have become a part of marketers’ daily workflows, many still don’t understand the impact of using them. They aren’t a guarantee of increased reach, and brands shouldn’t use them in a careless fashion. It’s essential to understand their value and how to best use them to get more Instagram followers.

Hashtags can be useful to analyze share of voice. For example, you can see how many times your post has been tagged by customers. You can also use hashtags to find content inspiration and compare your content to competitors’.

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Impact of ephemeral content

Ephemeral content has several benefits. For one, it is inherently engaging. Viewers can participate directly, and stories can generate a strong sense of urgency. As such, ephemeral content can be highly effective in promoting products and services and building trust and authority. This in turn can lead to sales. However, when creating ephemeral content, you need to make sure that you focus on the authenticity and engagement of your audience.

In addition, ephemeral content increases the amount of time that users spend on the platform. Because it has a short lifespan, ephemeral content has greater chances of being seen, listened to, and commented on than permanent content. It also helps in attracting new followers. Instagram Stories are also great for capturing the attention of millennials.

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