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The Proper Way To Clean Your Swamp Cooler And Its Pads

There are a lot of people who recognize the value that swamp coolers bring to their homes. They are substantially more energy efficient than traditional air conditioners, which means that you will earn significant savings on both your electricity and cooling expenditures if you choose to purchase one of these units. This post is going to concentrate primarily on cooling pads. They play an essential role in ensuring that a building is kept at a temperature that is conducive to good health.

A Brief Reminder Of The Essentials

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how a swamp cooler truly operates. Evaporation will be used to bring down the temperature of the air that has been brought in from the outside. After that, it is put to use to provide the interior of your house with ventilation. When you step out of a swimming pool on a hot day, you experience the same physical phenomena that cause evaporative cooling to occur. Latent heat transport is the term used to describe this process. When the water that is now on your skin evaporates, you will sense this change.

What Function Do The Cooler Pads Serve?

A swamp cooler has been installed in the home and is connected to the water supply. After that, the swamp cooler pad used in the cooler is soaked in water. The pads get their heat from the air in the surrounding region, which is blown about by a fan to keep it circulating. The pads are responsible for the evaporation of the water. This results in the ambient air becoming cooler in the surrounding environment, which is subsequently drawn inside by the fan. It is strongly suggested that you switch out your cooler pads at the beginning of each new cooling season. Over time, mildew, mold, and other concerns may develop on these pads due to their porous nature. The following categories make up the most common types:

  • Rigid media or fiber pads, which are very similar to filters that are used in furnaces and air conditioners, can be customized to fit the requirements of your particular swamp cooler.
  • In order for other cooling pads to have the appropriate fit, they must first be cut from rolls.

The Option To Clean Is Available

It is possible to clean cooling pads rather than replace them if you are certain that they have been thoroughly examined and do not contain mold or mildew. This requires that you remove any mold or mildew that you find. The procedure is not difficult to grasp at all.

Take the pads out of the cooler, and then use a vacuum to pick up and dispose of any loose debris.

Spread the pads out as flat as possible on the ground. Using a garden hose, thoroughly flush the surface of both sides with clean water.

  • The pads are clean when the water is clear after running through them.
  • It is possible to reinsert the pads while they are still wet. This will allow the cooler that uses evaporative cooling to cool down more quickly.

During the periods when the heating and cooling systems are in use, it is advised that multiple cleanings be carried out.


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