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Things you should know when buying a bed base.

Having a perfect sleep isn’t entirely up to the mattress itself. When investing in a quality mattress, it is essential to team it with a quality base to get the most out of it. It is crucial to remember that the base also impacts the comfort level and life span of your mattress. Hence, choosing the right bed base ensemble will make all the difference. However, only a few know about the different types of bed bases. If you are also among the same group of people, continue reading! This article talks about different bed bases, but before you jump into that, here’s why having a suitable base is so important.

Importance of a good bed base

Having the right kind of bed base is essential not only for you but also for your mattress. It guarantees the right level of support to your body by applying the right amount of counter-pressure exactly where you need it. The mattress alone cannot support your body’s sleeping alignment; you need a frame to improve proper body support when you are sleeping. A good bed base helps mattresses provide optimal benefits and stability to prevent sliding. Furthermore, it gives an extra usable space; most bed bases have an additional storage space where you can keep anything like boxes of art materials, books, quilts, sewing kits, office supplies, etc.

Additionally, having a suitable bed base strengthens the life of your mattresses as it offers the right amount of ventilation. Choosing a bed base with slats or springs helps generate good aeration. Some people love a minimal lifestyle and believe the floor is perfect for placing their mattress. However, the truth is putting your mattress on the ground will only have you catch bugs, moulds and insect infestations, and cold air but not proper aeration. Further, when the airflow is limited underneath the mattress, it promotes the growth of bacteria and forms mildew.

Two main types of a bed base

Before you buy a bed base, it is a good idea to be aware of some differences between the two main types of bed bases available.

Slated styles

The bed bases with wooden slates are readily available and quite popular these days. These are a great choice if you need varying levels of support across different parts of your body. Sometimes these bases come with flexible slats allowing the user to adjust the amount of tension to fit their preferences. Further, some larger slate beds provide an adjustment for each side, which adds versatility to the bedding system. Whether you choose fixed bed bases with fixed slats or designs that provide flexibility to accommodate your preference, slatted options promote hygienic conditions for the mattress because they encourage proper aeration.

Ensemble bed bases

Ensemble bed bases are available in popular styles- one with internal springs and the other as a platform style. If you select the one with springs, further you get an option to choose from pocket springs or coil springs. In the latter kind of bed base ensemble, the springs are interconnected, so if a person shifts their weight, the movement is felt across the entire bed. Alternatively, bed bases with pocket springs move independently of each other. However, no matter which bed base you choose, you will enjoy a soft sensation supporting your neck and spine.

In contrast, the platform-style base doesn’t use springs; instead, they have a firm area upon which the mattress rests. One advantage of this type is that the platform often includes storage drawers along the bottom, making it a smart option if you have a small bedroom and are constantly struggling to keep things organised.

Hopefully, now you have understood how the base of your bed can make a difference. After going through this article, you will feel confident about buying a mattress and base that work together and give you restful and healthy sleep.


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