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Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Yard

The cleaning process has no time limit throughout the year but spring is the peak time for the thorough cleaning of the house including the backyard. As the season is changing and spring is approaching, so is the time for maintaining your house. The backyard is one spot of the house which needs proper maintenance as it adds value to the worth of the house. 

For pruning trees and preventing the growth of harmful plants or weeds, proper tools and techniques can be utilized to help the backyard flourish properly. Lawn or yard care is all about taking proactive actions and putting efforts into the home and property. Here in this guide, we have mentioned a few tips that can help you take care of your yard the right way.

1. Prune in Late Winter and Early Spring

As the winter leaves and the time for spring approaches, it is better to cut off any hanging, broken, or disorganized branches caused due to the storms in winter. You must get your area cleared and maintained after a storm hits, for tea trimming and other services you can have tree trimming san diego ca on board, if you live in San Diego. 

In context to seasonal maintenance, you must get all the shrubs and trees properly trimmed, more particularly for the unwanted lower branches every late winter. When the flowering plants or shrubs are pruned at the end of winter they regrow effectively in the springs and bloom with full zeal.

2. Clean Up Leaves

Usually, most trees shed their leaves in fall but some trees like oaks shed their leaves throughout the winter and even in spring. You should never go so deep into this cleaning process that you clean up every single leaf. Because a bit of leaf litter is necessary for wildlife to survive. However, try to get rid of the heavy layers of leaves or debris. Because the pile of debris and leaves invites mold. It is better to clean up when the land is dry instead of getting into wet ground. Otherwise, the pile of leaves is useful to some extent as they add nutritious value to the soil whenever they decay. 

3. Deal With Aggressive Weeds

The weeds must be dealt with carefully. The aggressive or harmful weeds get stronger and worse with each passing day particularly with the increase in daylight during summers. The weed’s growth leads to strengthening of their roots and it becomes difficult to remove the weed by pulling them out. You can also use a few practices to prevent the weeds in the law to the extent possible. As it is never possible to eliminate the possibility of weed growth. Some practices to minimize weed growth include, mowing not too short, avoiding over-watering, and skipping spring fertilization to mention a few.

4. Loosen the Soil

As the winter approaches, the garden beds’ soil usually gets compacted. The lack of care in removing the thick layers of fallen leaves makes the ground more compacted. However, a thin layer of leaves can be left alone and mulched later. As it will decay and add nutrients to the soil. This way it will assist the soil to loosen up and transfer oxygen to the plant’s roots.


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