Tips To Care For Jewelry Properly
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Tips To Care For Jewelry Properly

Caring for Jewelry – It is undeniable that taking care of jewelry properly and correctly is something that is needed by you. The reason is if luxury jewelry whose price may be exorbitant can decrease in value if not treated properly. In addition to cleaning regularly, you need to be careful to keep your jewelry from getting scratched.

Jewelry that you wear every day is at risk of damage and fading, especially if it is not cared for and cleaned for a long time. There are some tips that you can do yourself at home to care for your jewelry. Here are tips for caring for jewelry properly and correctly:

#1. Save the Right Way

An easy way to care for jewelry properly is to place it in the right way. A mistake that is often made by jewelry owners is piling jewelry together. This of course can cause the jewelry to be scratched.

Sorting your jewelery and placing them separately and not mixed together is the right choice. You can store your jewelry in a zip or drawstring purse, just make sure they’re made of a soft material like chintz, velvet or cotton. This is the best way to protect your jewelry from external elements.

#2. Clean regularly

In addition to storing in a safe place and avoiding scratches, jewelry needs to be cared for and cleaned regularly. Gemstone jewelry is taken care of by cleaning it with soapy water and brushing it gently. If you don’t want to risk or are afraid you can take it to a professional.

Before you clean your jewelry, we recommend that you verify the type of material your jewelry will react to the cleaner or not. If your jewelry is made of sturdy metal and a durable gemstone such as diamond, you have the option of ultrasonic cleaning.

This method is not recommended for soft gemstones, as they are porous and cause damage.

Here are some tips for cleaning your jewelry

According to Kimberfire:

For diamonds and pearls, you can use the ultrasonic cleaning option

Immediately after buying jewelry, first check whether your jewelry requires special care or not.

Do not use jewelry when you want to swim, in addition to the risk of being lost, there is also a risk of damage to your jewelry due to the influence of chlorine.

#3. Not Frequently Exposed to Chemicals

Jewelry such as rings are usually worn every day, whether when bathing, exercising, swimming and others. Rings that are frequently exposed to chemicals such as soap and chlorine can cause oxidation and will fade.

To avoid irritation, try as much as possible not to be exposed to soap, cleaning liquid, or sweat. when exercising and bathing jewelry is recommended to be removed.

#4. Insure Your Jewelry

Another way to treat diamonds is to insure them. This will certainly benefit you if the ring is lost. The reason is, rings can be used as investments and their value will increase for years to come.

From the tips that have been explained, it will certainly make you understand more about how to take care of jewelry properly and of course it can last a long time.

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