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Tips to choose best hotels

Choosing the right hotel for staying remains a challenging and equal tiresome job similar to that of getting the tickets. When you have decided to go on a destination, once after booking tickets, it is must you have to check the hotel rooms for your accommodation. Again, choosing the best hotel in your destination place is again a challenging task as there are overwhelming options in the place.

As the hotel you will be staying is temporary, it gives huge pleasure during the trip to stay as comfortable stay is needed to regain your power and energy to roam around. Any issues with the stay might spoil your entire trip and thus searching for the good accommodation is as necessary as booking your tickets. Search for the top-rated hotels such as Evolve Back Kabini or holiday in resorts in Mysore or in other destination places, to keep your stay comfortable.

When you select the hotels there are number of factors you might have to consider including distance, hygienic condition of the hotel, cost, amenities, etc. and anything that is unproductive or disappointment in your stay, might stay as bad memory in your mind. To avoid these, we here bring to you some of the factors you need to consider before choosing the hotels:

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  • Select based on the rating

Once you have decided to move to the desired location and destination, you ensure to look for the rating hotels over the online sites including the trip adviser, where you get idea about the hotel and the things they offer. These might be true to believe as the guests previously stayed in the hotel has gained experience in staying there and thus you can rely on these reviews before booking the hotel. When you have family or moving with friends, ensure if they can provide you some additional bed to enjoy together and provide you with hygiene food.

  • Check the location of the hotel

Another thing you have to check while selecting the hotel is to check the location and area of the hotel. If you are planning to move around the city with family or friends, then ensure that the hotel you are choosing is in the center of the city as this might be useful to travel across the city. And the commuting facility should be easy as wasting time traveling from one corner to another to visit the place is entirely no use. Choosing the hotel in the right place might keep you away from travelling for long time as this might make you tiresome by the end of the day and you might tend to miss some places due to longer traveling hours. If you are going on a business trip, ensure you office is located near to the hotel as again traveling might spoil your meeting.

  • Check the required amenities

Another factors you have to check before fixing the hotel is that the amenities they offer. Most of the hotel provide us with the great amenities including the breakfast complementary, WiFi facilities, relaxing zone, play area for kids, swimming pool access and other facilities. When you are travelling with family, ensure if the hotel can accommodate all the people in a single room to enjoy yourself staying together. If they can provide additional bed in the room, that is something they can do to keep your trip enjoyable. Try finding these over the phone before booking the hotel. When you are on the business trip, check if they can provide you free WiFi facility that will not interrupt your meeting and video conferences during your stay. Check for the other amenities such as parking facility, services, hygienic environment, gym facility, and other services to your room. Ensure to book only after confirming that all the amenities you require is provided by the hotel to keep your stay comfortable.

There are some hotels who can provide pick up and drop facility to the airport or to the railway station, and if you wanted to avail this service, try enquiring about this over the phone to the reception service and book the hotel.

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  • Enquire about the check in and check out time of the hotel

Another mandatory thing you need to look into the hotel is to check the check – in and check-out time. If your flight or train arrives in the morning, try booking the hotel that let you in the lobby at the same time. Any delay or early check-in might charge you more and paying for unnecessary things is waste of money. Similarly, if you have flight in the evening, and the check-out time is at 2 pm, ensure if they allow you to stay for additional hour so you don’t have to look for alternative for just few hours. As different hotels have different timings, try booking the hotel that is best suitable to your time.

  • Check the view rooms of the hotel

Here comes the most mandatory check when you fix the hotel. If you are going on the trip where there are scenic beauties including mountains, valley, hills, river, and others, check if they provide you the best view room to have a pleasant stay. If you wanted to have a mountain view, try getting the rooms that gives you a scenic beauty as this will keep your stay memorable. Try checking for the other view rooms as these might also have a pleasant atmosphere as well. When you are going with family and friends, try getting two or more rooms that have similar views to enjoy your stay in the hotel.

  • Rooms that are big and comfortable

Although this might be a last one, it still keeps you comfortable. The hotels provide the best rooms for their guests and if you do have any images online, try asking them to send you the images of the room to fix before booking the hotel. As most of the rooms do not have images online, you might end up getting the bad rooms that will have minimal amenities or small room to stay which might again keep you discomfort with your family. Check if the room contains locker facility, showers, hot water facility, etc. before fixing one.


With overwhelming choice and features of the hotel these days, selecting one that perfectly fits you is a tiresome job. However, you might have to take additional measure before fixing the hotel as this means a lot during your stay when you are away from home and you should always Search for the top-rated hotels such as Evolve Back Kabini.

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