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Top 3 Skills Every CyberOps Professional Need and Why You Should Pass Cisco 300-215 Exam

With the explosion of data and the internet of things, more and more sophisticated cyberattacks happen by the hour. While security professionals can put in every necessary measure to ensure that breaches and attacks do not occur, tiny loopholes and vulnerabilities are constantly invaded to cause massive security breaches. To eliminate these attacks, companies need skilled Certbolt professionals. This guide looks at who CyberOps professionals are, some essential skills required of them, and why the Cisco 300-215 exam is vital to a successful career in this field.

What Are the Responsibilities of CyberOps Professionals?

Cyber Operations professionals are security personnel responsible for detecting cyberattacks and responding to them. They are tasked with managing security incidents, preserving evidence, and performing digital forensic analysis. Professionals in the field can help design, develop, and deploy key security measures. Certbolt professionals work in the roles such as Security Analyst, Incidence Manager, and Security Architect, among others. 

Top 3 Skills Required of CyberOps Professionals

There are numerous skills CyberOps professionals need. Here are three of such essential skills:

1. Incident handling skills

The key to cyber incidence management is handling attacks as quickly as possible to limit the damage. Certbolt professionals need incidence handling skills to identify intruder techniques, critical assets that need protection, and effective ways to lessen the breach’s impact. This involves problem-solving, good cooperation, and excellent communication skills.

2. Threat Intelligence skills

CyberOps professionals need to evaluate threats and vulnerabilities associated with an attack to design and deploy effective security measures. Professionals in the field, therefore, need exquisite analytical and threat intelligence skills that help mitigate attacks and rebuild countermeasures that nullify future attacks. While organizations may acquire intelligent systems to handle threats and attacks, they are redundant without professionals with the expertise to work with them.

3. Forensics skills

Forensics is a crucial part of incidence management that deals with collecting, processing, analyzing, and preserving digital data. The evidence retrieved during attacks supports law enforcement investigations. certbolt professionals require forensic skills to demonstrate sound investigative practice and present valuable evidence to the appropriate authorities.

Why Should You Pass the Cisco 300-215 Exam?

The Cisco 300-215 exam is a 90-minute test covering the essential domains of the CyberOps practice. These include incidence response processes, advanced incident response, threat intelligence, digital forensics concepts, and evidence collection and analysis. The evaluation equips individuals with the requisite skills needed to become a competent CyberOps professional. Candidates who successfully pass the assessment earn a specialist certificate, Cisco Certified Certbolt Specialist – CyberOps Forensic Analysis and Incident Response. The Cisco 300-215 exam is also one of two exams that bring you closer to earning the Cisco CyberOps Professional certification.


CyberOps professionals deliver comprehensive technical and security services. This requires them to be aware of current infrastructure, threats, and management techniques. As an industry leader, Cisco is well-positioned to offer aspiring professionals comprehensive training in the security field. For anyone seeking to acquire essential CyberOps expertise and build a long-term career in this area, passing the Cisco 300-215 exam is the best path to follow. Register for this test now and demonstrate your knowledge of cybersecurity.

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