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Top 5 metal stamping supplier from china

There are many metal stamping suppliers in China. If you are looking for it, you will gain from reading this guide. From here, you can know that the top five metal stamping suppliers are in China.

Tenral Metal Products Co., Ltd

Tenral Metal Products is a professional sheet metal stamping supplier and manufacfvurer, with dozens of production equipment and more than 70,000 square feet of production workshop, supplying a variety of precision metal parts to customers in various industries. From material selection to manufacturing technology, we always provide our customers with the best manufacturing solutions.

Cangzhou Yongfa Stamping Parts Co., Ltd

Founded in 1998, the company is specialized in processing metal stamping parts. It is equipped with various types of punches with a punching force of 3 to 100 tons, several pneumatic machine tools, and CNC wire cutting, projectors, lathes, milling machines, grinders, drilling machines, folding machines, punching machines, shearing machines, wire cutting, spot welding machines, argon arc welding, bending machines and other equipment.

From the initial common metal stamping parts, precision metal processing parts with a density of 0.01MM are now made. The main products are: all kinds of metal stampings, stretch pieces, battery clamps, terminal blocks, electronic components, battery connectors, rubber parts, connecting wires, auto brackets, etc., which are used in the fields of communication, electronics, electromechanical, household appliances and daily necessities. Our factory has been supporting various battery connectors for Changchun FAW cars, trucks, Jilin Light, Harbin Light, Shenyang Haishi, FAW Hongta, BAIC Foton and other manufacturers for a long time.

Dongyi Hardware Co., Ltd

It is a manufacturer specializing in the production and design of stamping parts, metal stamping parts, stamping processing, metal stamping die, auto stamping parts, furniture stamping parts, stamping stretch parts. Special shaped metal stamping parts, stainless steel stampings parts and metal processing parts can be customized. The surface treatment of stamping parts can be galvanized, painted and sprayed.

The company has more than 80 16-500t punches, hydraulic presses, wire cutting, CNC lathes, flame cutting, plate shearing machines, bending machines, automatic riveting machines, drilling machines, milling machines and other stamping processing equipment.

Since its establishment, the company has implemented standardized computer management to ensure that the hardware stamping products from the design of stamping dies to the development of stamping dies are checked layer by layer and inspected by quality inspectors, so that the ex factory qualification rate of products is more than 98%.

Wuxi Weiyan Precision Stamping Parts Co., Ltd

Relying on the core advantages of precision mold design, development, manufacturing and automatic production line design, development and integration, we will provide customers with the whole process service from the early development sample of new products to the improvement of the middle process to the mass production application in the later stage.

The main products of the company involve automobile, consumer electronics, communications and other fields, and are positioned in the localization of high-end precision parts.

Wuxi Weiyan Precision takes “high quality, short delivery time and low cost” as its core competitiveness and adheres to the business philosophy of “quality, innovation and service”.

Kunshan Haorun Precision Mold Co., Ltd

Founded in 2008, it is a composite supporting production enterprise that integrates mold design, mold manufacturing, precision stamping, CNC processing, assembly, and product development, processing, hardware, and plastic products on behalf of customers. It is specialized in processing stamping parts of digital electronic products such as NOTEBOOK components, mobile phone components, LED lamp cups, lamp shells, etc. Since its establishment, the company has developed into a medium-sized enterprise with nearly 120 employees and an area of 3000 square meters.

The company has a professional and capable engineering technology, quality control, production team and CAD system, PRO-E, UGNX drawing software system. The company has 12 R&D personnel, who use and generate data in different forms, and provide hardware mold drawings designed for reliable and convenient production. Its experienced design team can provide technical support early, maintain close technical contact with customers, and adhere to the rapid transformation from design concept to actual production.

Final Thoughts

Through the above guide, you can choose the best partner from many Chinese metal stamping suppliers. Of course, you can also find the largest competitor, which is very helpful to seize the market.


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