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Top Accessories to Organise Your Plastic Tool Box

Plastic tool boxes are a convenient and lightweight way to carry your tools around, keep them in good nick and have them at hand when you need them. This collection of tool box accessories will add an extra layer of organisation and convenience, better protect your equipment and make your job on the tools easier.   

Tool box liners

Lining the tool box compartments provides extra protection for your tools as well as providing better organisation. 

PVC liner

A PVC tool box liner offers durable protection to your tools including keeping them sharp, preventing slipping and abrasion, and limiting moisture. Liners can be trimmed to size with normal scissors to fit any tool box.

Foam Inserts

For extra , thick convenience and protection, adhesive foam is also available and can be cut to the size of your plastic tool box. Tools fit snugly into the foam which prevents excessive movement and damage, as well as keeping the tools in a fixed spot so you can find them more easily. 

Organiser trays

Though plastic tool boxes come with removable trays and compartments you can add more levels of organisation with an insertable tray. Organiser trays can be general, providing storage space for extensions and fuses, nuts and bolts and small tools, or designed for specific tools. 

Spanner trays

Designed so spanners of different sizes can be stored in an orderly and well arranged manner within your plastic tool box, spanner organisers help you find the right spanner quickly and efficiently. Pre-printed labels ensure you know where everything goes and whether all your spanners have been returned to the box. 

Socket organisers

There are several options for keeping your sockets in place, including magnetic socket holders that ensure your sockets will be where you want them to be, when you need them. Slotted socket organisers are marked for size and will fit into the large compartment of your tool box. 

Pliers rack or tray

A simple pliers rack consisting of slots on a board will keep your pliers well organised and secure within your plastic tool box. The plier rack will help you resist the temptation to toss the plier in the recesses of the box or randomly onto a tray, making them difficult to find and liable to damage among other tools. The rack also provides visual assurance that you have each type of pliers that you need for the job. 

Lidded box of compartments.

These compartment boxes provide space for a multitude of small accessories and items such as nails, screws, ear plugs and more. They come in a variety of sizes, so choose the best one for your needs. The box can be lifted out for more convenience than simply relying on the fastened compartments that come as part of the tool box. 

Adding these readily available accessories will enhance an already useful and convenient tool storage device. Make your job easier and keep your tools tidy, available and damage free with a few simple extras for your plastic tool box, start today by checking out RS components.


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