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Top home remedies to deal with black spots

Dark spots or hyperpigmentation appear on many parts of the body such as the face, neck, hands and etc. They can also be in reddish-brown colour. These spots can also vary in color and size. Such black spots are also known as age spots. But nowadays the complaint of black spot is also seen in the people of new age. The biggest reason for this is run-of-the-mill life and eating junk food. There are many other reasons for black spots on the face. Like spending a lot of time in the sunlight. By the way, sunlight is also necessary for our body. But excessive sunlight on the face can harm it. The reason for this is that when the rays of the sun fall on you, spots appear on your face because of that. Another major reason for dark spots is hormonal disturbance in a body. Due to which there are problems like acne or pimples on face whose spots are their on face even after they are gone. There are many types of black spot removal creams available in the market to remove such dark spots. But the chemicals in them harm our skin and body a lot. 

Home remedies that help you to get rid of black spots:–

Lots of water in a day – Water not only keeps our body hydrated but also acts as the biggest detox agent. Daily 2-3 liters of water is necessary for our body. Adequate amount of water reduces the problem of dark spots in a human body. 

Aloe vera – Aloe Vera has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It also improves the skin by removing dark spots from the face and it also brings glow. 

Fruit juices as a toner – Whether it is a toner made of lemon, rose water and glycerin or apple cider, it is very useful in removing black spots from your face. Lemon and cider are also known antimicrobial agents. Which is used to give a different glow to the face.

Turmeric powder – Turmeric is also loaded with great antibacterial qualities. Turmeric is also known as antiseptic agent. It is also very useful in lightening the dark spots.

Vegetables and fruits juices – Juices are very helpful in clearing the toxic substances from our body. Due to which the black spots on the face and body also start reducing gradually.


Home remedies are very effective in reducing black spots. Some of these are mentioned above, there are many other remedies which are different for different skin types. Home remedies are much better than the scar creams available in the market. With Home Remedies, you can not only save your skin from chemicals but also it will not harm your skin. Available options in the market can give you comfort for that time, but in the future, you can also face many problems. And to avoid those problems, instead of chemical creams, we should use things available at home.

Just nowadays people must keep one thing in their mind while buying these chemical things in the market “what we cannot eat, that we cannot use on your body”. 


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