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Understanding The Different Types of Marine Engine

If you have a boat or things to know before buying the boat, the first thing you must consider is the type of engines to know the boat’s working. Different types of marine engines and propulsion systems are used for better and smoother running on the water. You have to choose what engine will help you enjoy the journey of water through the boats. 

There are different types of marine engines which are given below:

Outboard Motor Or Outboard Engine

The outboard engine includes the gearbox and propeller. It is used to power and steer the boat. It is mounted on the back of the boat and hangs on the hull. The engine is required to move side by side with the steering of a wheel. The engine is steered manually in smaller boats, but the engine is not in larger boats. 

The engine gearbox and propeller are under the water during boat usage. Both help the boat to move and to dash in the plane. The outboard engines are used for pleasure boating, water sports, and fishing.

Inboard Engine

The inboard marine engine mounts inside the hull in the ship’s middle. The shaft running through the boat’s bottom turns the engine’s propeller. It would help if you controlled the steering in this engine type to direct the boat towards the journey. You can steer the boat through the steering wheel. 

The inboard engines are used for water and pleasure boating because they create the waves you love while playing water sports. Another usage of the inboard engines is in those marines where a large amount of torque and horsepower are required. You must use the inboard engine if you have large boats with enormous torque.

Stern Drive

Sterndrive is the middle of inboard and outboard engines because it has the benefits and features of both engines. The engine is mounted on the inside of the hull of power in case of the sterndrive. The engine’s drive unit is like the outboard engine’s gearbox. 

The drive unit of the sterndrive engine is also used to steer the boat manually. It is also used to turn the boat like the outboard engine. It is prevalent if your boat requires significant horsepower and torque. It is also used to turn the boat and dock.

Jet Propulsion

The personal watercraft is usually run through the usage of jet-driven engines. Many other boats also use that engine because its efficiency is very high like other engines. The jet propulsion system also uses water to propel and steer the boat.

The jet drive engine uses an impeller instead of a propeller. The impeller is also similar to the propeller but a little bit sharper than the propeller. It is placed beneath the boat, implying force on the water to run the boat. If you are using a boat for shallow water, the jet drive is the best option because of its high performance in shallow water. The propeller blades are also not exposed in the boat having the jet drive engine.


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