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What flooring is best for bathrooms?

If you’re on a budget, then vinyl flooring or laminate flooring may be a good choice. While these aren’t ideal for bathrooms, they are more affordable than other types of bathroom flooring. Vinyl floors are typically made of PVC, which is naturally resistant to moisture. But laminate flooring, as the name implies, has a smooth top layer and needs to be regularly wiped clean to prevent water damage. Newly introduced laminate floors from Tarkett come with a new profile that resists water damage.

Water-resistant laminate

When choosing a floor for your bathroom, choose a waterproof one. While a wooden floor is beautiful, it won’t be very water-resistant. Water tends to saturate the wood layers underneath them, so you should make sure the floor is sealed completely. Also, laminate doesn’t deal well with water, so if you have a spill in the bathroom, you must clean it right away. Otherwise, you risk warping and swelling the floor.

Choose a waterproof laminate floor. Water-resistant laminate flooring protects your bathroom from damages like water spills and stains. It can withstand a pool of liquid for up to 56 hours before absorbing the water. Waterproof laminate doesn’t allow water to penetrate through it, so you can rest assured that you’re getting high-quality material. If you’re not sure which type of water-resistant flooring is right for your bathroom check the latest design of laminate flooring: https://pvcvinylflooring.ae/laminate-flooring-dubai/

Engineered hardwood

While you may be tempted to install solid hardwood flooring in your bathroom, you should be aware that there are many benefits to engineered wood. The fact is that it is better equipped to deal with humidity fluctuations in bathrooms than solid hardwood. In addition, it looks and feels like real wood. While engineered wood is expensive, it is worth it for the durability and looks it brings to your bathroom. On the other hand, you may have to consider low-VOC wood look-alikes, such as laminate or vinyl.

Although engineered hardwood looks great, it is not waterproof. Water can easily seep through cracks and under the finish. It can also discolor the wood. The key is to ensure that the floor is ventilated, and be diligent in cleaning any spills. This article will offer some tips on caring for hardwood floors in bathrooms. It is a must to follow these steps to protect your bathroom’s engineered hardwood flooring.

Vinyl tile

If you are looking for flooring in Dubai for your bathroom, vinyl tile or laminate may be your best option. Bathrooms are a high-traffic area and you should choose a material that is resistant to water. Look for a product with realistic planks and surface textures. If you want your bathroom to look like a luxurious spa, consider flooring that is water-resistant. Not only will this flooring last longer, but it will also look great!

The installation process is easier with LVT or vinyl tile. Both LVT and vinyl tile come with click-lock edges that make them easy to link together and install as a floating floor. Depending on the level of moisture in the bathroom, you may want to choose the glue-down installation method. A peel-and-stick installation is also an option. You can also lookup the installation process of each product’s installation page to determine which method is best. Read Also : tmt bar price

Cork flooring

There are many reasons to use cork flooring in the bathroom. First, cork has a natural resistance to moisture, making it a better option than many other hardwoods and carpet alternatives. Second, cork tiles are easy to replace if they are damaged. Cork has a spongy texture, making it comfortable underfoot. And third, cork resists the growth of mold and mildew. However, excessive moisture can allow mold and mildew to take hold.

While cork flooring can look great in bathrooms, it needs regular sealing to protect it from moisture. Because of this, it’s a better option if you prefer a “set it and forget it” type of flooring. If you are not interested in the maintenance of cork, you can always choose vinyl or laminate flooring. Glue-down installation is difficult and requires a lot of patience. It also needs to be sealed and re-sealed every couple of years.

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