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What is Loan Against Securities | Features and benefits of Loan Against Securities

There are several moments in one’s life when financial aid is required. Financial institution loans come to the defense. Any financial institution may offer a variety of loans against shares and securities; the borrower should strive to find the most favorable conditions and examine the suitability before seeking assistance. 

Are you curious to understand what is LAS? 

There is the option of obtaining a loan against the individual’s or applicant’s investments or securities if the individual or candidate has them. Loans against securities are often for a brief period of time and have a low loan amount. Secured loans with securities as collateral are known as loans against securities. Holidays, medical emergencies, studies, and other needs can all be met with these loans.

Key features of loan against securities

The following are some of the essential characteristics of a loan secured by securities:

A secured loan is one in which financial instruments such as stocks, mutual funds, or debentures are used as collateral.

The loan against security has a one-year term and is renewable.

The interest rate on a loan typically runs from 10% to 15% per year (varies from provider to provider)

In most cases, the lender will impose a service fee of 2% of the loan amount.

The loan amount is determined by the type and amount of securities pledged.

If you opt to pay off your loan early, there are no extra charges.

The loan has a predetermined repayment period of one to three years, and if the default occurs, the lender has the right to confiscate the collateral pledged.

How to apply for Loan Against Securities?


Almost each bank now offers you the option of taking out a loan against securities in India over the internet. The entire procedure is quick and painless. You can apply for a loan by going to the bank’s official website. You’ll need to fill out the lender’s information and upload the required documents. The loan amount will be paid to your bank account once the bank has validated your information and papers.


You can bring the necessary documents to the local branch of the lender from which you wish to obtain a loan. After that, a bank representative will assist you with the application process for a loan against securities plan.

The advantages of loan against securities

  • These loans are quick and simple to obtain, with minimal paperwork required due to the fact that this is a secured loan.
  • The loan value is always lower than the investment’s cash value; if the cash value approaches the outstanding loan value, the banker may demand further security or liquidate the collateral and terminate the loan.
  • The loan value might range from 50 percent to 90 percent of the underlying asset (50 percent for stock market shares and 90 percent for bank deposits)
  • The credit score of the borrower has no bearing on loan eligibility.
  • In contrast to other forms of loans that follow the monthly installments installment (EMI) plan, this sort of loan allows for a more flexible payback timeline.
  • Because it is a secured loan, the interest rate on a loan against securities is lower.
  • Monthly interest is charged on the outstanding balance of funds being used on a daily basis and for the period it is used.
  • There is no prepayment penalty on these loans.
  • There is minimal documentation required, as well as low processing fees.


When you need money fast, loans against securities are a great option. This is a fantastic alternative to selling valuable assets for a low price. Short-term needs and those for which the true price or expense is unidentified are well-served by loan against share. The interest rate is much lower than private loans, and the application process is faster and easier. The repayment schedule can also be tailored to the borrower’s cash flow. Only the funds used from the sanctioned loan amount are charged interest, and only for the time period the funds are used. LAS is offered by the majority of nationalized banks to its customers.

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