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What is the role of Pedagogy in education?

We know that most often, pedagogy is confused with the curriculum as well. We know that school information management system as well. We know that the latter means what is being taught as well, while the former refers to the ways involved in teaching, and the theory and practice involved in educating as well. We know that pedagogy, therefore, is the relationship between an educator as well as learners, concerning culture as well as techniques that are being used for learning. We know that is formally focused on educators’ beliefs on how learning should take place as well. We see that what is needed most in pedagogy is a healthy classroom interaction as well as mutual respect between educators and learners. We know that it focuses on building prior learning as well as developing skills and attitudes and, for educators to present curriculum in a most appealing way to students, by merging it in a way to suit their needs and culture as well. The lms portal in such a case can be useful. We are aware that in pedagogy, the materials used don’t matter but the process and strategy adopted by the teacher are counted as well. We also can take into consideration the context in which learning should take place and the type of students to whom it should be conveyed as well. We also know that a clear-cut teaching method will help students to have a deeper grasp of fundamental material. A teacher should be mindful of the way how effective they can convey lessons to students and how it helps them better understand and can help students to achieve deeper as well as valuable learning. We see that thus it builds cooperative learning environments. We also know that is structured approach paves way for students to think outside the box. As defined by other people their thinking level can vary from basic memorization as well as comprehension to complex learning processes like analysis, evaluation and creation. So, we see that it helps to leverage students’ appealingly learning process, in a way they wish to learn. We also know that it can bring out more positive outcomes in students’ learning as they enjoy learning through this strategy as well. We know that the knowledge is delivered in a curriculum where each subject is taught independently to the learners as well. We see that in a lesson taught using the behaviourist approach, as well as adopting different methods like learning, choral repetition, modelling, demonstration, etc. We are also aware that these activities are visible and are led under the direct supervision of a teacher too. We know that however, as the lessons, progress shift may come when it becomes student-centric, as well as he/she demonstrates a lesson too. We also see that it is a lesson that might include hidden outcomes, as well as individualization, a slower pace, and less teacher talk. We see that teachers also engage students with nature and being outdoors as well. In this way, we know that this approach is also described as a progressive teaching style. We are aware that learning could happen only in a social context as well as they believed that learning was a collaborative process between a learner and a teacher too. We know that in a classroom setting, a teacher may use group work, but by building smaller groups, as well as limiting the choice of topics. We are also aware that the teachers might include strategies such as questioning, group discussions, individual presentations, etc. too. We know that the main aspect of which critical pedagogy looks upon is to break down as well as deconstruct typical worldviews regarding learning and topics. We see that it often includes radical thinking and critical theories at the same time. We know that the objective is to challenge students to question their thoughts, as well as ideas, beliefs, and practices to obtain deeper insight into things. Thus we see that it can help in resulting in them finding and figuring out things in their ways as well. We see that in a culturally diverse society, teachers should adopt culturally responsive pedagogy strategies to meet the requirements of all students as well. 


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