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Which is the best accredited Lean Six Sigma Certification online?

Lean Six Sigma Certification teaches you how to reduce variation for optimal control. The online certification is based on the six sigma principles. The Six Sigma methodology is a tested way to increase profits and quality by cutting down on errors and problems in all parts of a business. 

The main steps in a Six Sigma process are to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (or DMAIC). The best certification providers offer flexible, high-quality courses and have an excellent track record of customer care and aiding students in passing certification exams.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a management strategy centered on teams that aims to enhance performance by eliminating resource waste and errors. It blends Six Sigma techniques and tools with the lean manufacturing/lean business ethos. It aims to eliminate the waste of physical resources, time, effort, and talent while ensuring the quality of production and organizational processes.

Simply said, Lean Six Sigma teaches that any use of resources that do not provide value for the final consumer is wasteful and should be removed.

Now that you have a clear understanding of LSS, let’s move on to choosing the best certifying bodies so you can choose the best accredited Six Sigma Certification

You will want to select the most recognized, reputable, and competent certification choice. This involves selecting providers, for-profit colleges, individual firms, and trade associations. The American Society for Quality (ASQ), the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC), Villanova, GE, and many other options.

To get the best six sigma certification, whether online or offline and the best six sigma certification training, you will still need to spend thousands of rupees. You must choose an accredited Six Sigma Certification online to provide quality certification. 

So here we are with our top picks of the best Lean Six Sigma certifications. 

The Best Six Sigma Certifications for 2022

The significance of Six Sigma is unparalleled. There are not many alternatives that focus on all levels and layers of a business like it. When Six Sigma is applied effectively, quality, efficiency, and profits all increase, allowing a business to grow and prosper over time.

 It enables continual changes that are based on the correct information and lack none of the essentials. When your company cannot compete on a broad scale or is not performing as well as it should, you can employ Six Sigma to improve performance.

  • ASQ

Learn all six Sigma certification levels and apply them to your industry with ASQ, from absolute beginner to expert, on your road to certification.

The ASQ lean six sigma certification is valuable to the following industries: automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, service, finance, cybersecurity, etc.

ASQ delivers training, professional certifications, and expertise to a vast network of quality community members. They offer distinct training and certification, for which they demand separate fees.

They state that after completing the program, you may take the exam whenever necessary; otherwise, they issue a participation certificate. They provide classroom instruction that facilitates a thorough understanding of the subjects and produces the most splendid results.

  • Post Graduate Program in Project Management- powered by Simplilearn

The Bootcamp certification course is aligned with IASSC Lean Sigma principles. 

Lean Six Sigma Expert is a one-year training offered by Simplilearn online along with the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  Individuals will learn how to increase business efficiency by decreasing waste and minimizing process variances using the DMAIC- Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control methodology.

Project/product/program professionals, managers, and engineers wish to accelerate their careers by acquiring the necessary digital skills and qualifications. Applicants will receive dual certification, enhanced resumes, and professional advice from industry experts. Attend mock interviews to prepare for difficult technical questions. The best professors at UMass Amherst are seasoned professionals actively involved in their fields of study.


IASSC delivers an impartial, independent, third-party validation of Lean Six Sigma knowledge through our globally renowned Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Green Belt, and Yellow Belt Certification examinations.

One of the most common Lean Six Sigma certifications is the Green Belt certification.  A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt has a comprehensive understanding of all components of the Lean Six Sigma Method, including competency in the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC), as described by the IASSC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge. A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is proficient in the implementation, execution, interpretation, and application of Lean Six Sigma.

The IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam consists of 100 closed-book, proctored questions and a three-hour time limit. Some versions of this exam may include up to 10 additional questions that are not assessed. The exam consists of approximately 20 multiple-choice and true/false questions from each major section of the IASSC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge.

  1. LSSI

The Lean Six Sigma Institute (LSSI) provides students six months to complete training at their own pace.

Training can be completed in as little as 10 hours (self-paced) or 15 hours (instructor-led). Expect about 80 hours of self-paced study or 160 hours of instructor-led instruction for the most advanced certification, Lean Master Black Belt. The completion of self-paced instruction should take roughly nine weeks.


We have narrowed it down to the four best lean six sigma certifications. Our top choices have extensive course options, fair prices, and a stellar reputation for helping students pass the Six Sigma exam on their first attempt.

These certifications will have a positive experience and provide relevant skills to upscale your career.


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