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Which Type of Commercial-Grade Oven Suits Your Bakery Needs?

Your oven is the key to running a successful bakery. From ensuring the balance of puffiness and crispiness of a croissant to perfecting the flavorful delicacy of a chocolate lava cake, you rely on the features of your oven as much as you do on your baking skills.

That is why a high-quality commercial-grade oven for bakeries is your best bet. But first, you should determine which type of bakery oven suits your needs.

Here are the types of ovens that you can consider for your bakery:

  • Convection Oven – This is one of the most common choices of bakery business owners. It has a fan and exhaust system that other kinds of ovens do not have. The fan and exhaust blow air around the food and vent it out. This causes the pastries to be surrounded by hot air, and as a result, they are cooked evenly and more quickly. The convection oven is available for floors and countertops. Ideally, a convection oven can be used for making a variety of food such as bread, desserts and even meat dishes.
  • Commercial Ovens or Accelerated Ovens – This type of oven is highly known for its record cooking time, which is as fast as one minute. It is a compact catering appliance that can be used in different cooking methods, unlike the traditional convection oven or grills. Accelerated ovens are primarily used in quick-service sites such as fast-food restaurants because they ensure quick and satisfactory customer service.
  • Steam Oven – This type of oven is similar to a convection oven. However, instead of hot air, it uses steam to cook food. A steam oven is a good choice for preparing a wide range of food such as rice, fish, vegetable and meat. It keeps the food moist and locks the nutrients inside them without the need for extra fats and oils. This is why the steam oven is popular in restaurants that cater to individuals who opt for healthy food choices.
  • Combination Oven – This is a three-in-one oven that allows you to cook using steam, hot air, and a combination of both. Despite their high prices, they are high in demand because they use moist and dry heat for cooking food. Because of this, the final product of the combination oven is moist inside and crispy outside. It is perfect for different kinds of pastries.

These are the main types of ovens that are widely used in the industry of food production. You may have found the one that could satisfy all your needs or have seen several useful ones in manufacturing your products. Either way, you should make sure that you are investing in the best one that you could find.

It would be best to consider other things when choosing which a commercial-grade oven for bakeries to use in your business. For example, you should consider the cost, design, and warranty of the oven. In this way, you could guarantee that you get the maximum benefits of the products you will be availing yourself.

Choosing the right oven for your business could sound very tricky. There seem to be a lot of choices to choose from. However, it would help if you remembered that you could find the one for yourself with the right amount of research and analysis.

Happy baking!


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