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Who was Katarzyna Kobro

Katarzyna Kobro was an artist who invented her own style by combining the abstract geometric shapes of art and cubism with the energy and dynamism of futurists. Katarzyna was an artist who rejected the traditional forms of expression and explored different ways of seeing. This new style became known as ‘futuristic art’.

Katarzyna Kobro was born in 1898 in Russia. When she was a teenager, her mother married a man who would eventually turn out to be a murderer. He killed Kobro’s mother but was imprisoned for the crime. Kobro finished school at the age of fifteen and was forced to get a job in a factory.

Why Katarzyna Kobro was important to modern art

Katarzyna Kobro is credited as the first female artist who successfully established her own style based on a personal voice. Her sculptures were made of stainless steel and welded sheets of metal in geometric shapes. They included large-scale works that often included an element of violence.

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In 1924, she became one of the first female artists in Poland to receive a state commission for sculpture. She was also among the first women to gain a doctorate degree in Poland. Her sculptures explored abstract forms, typically using wire or wood. She was among the first sculptors to employ the new medium of photography in her work. Some of her earliest sculptures were made from materials like concrete and plaster. She also created numerous reliefs and wall-based works. For further information about Katarzyna, you can Katarzyna Kobro Wikipedia page

What were the reasons for Katarzyna Kobro’s Death

Some causes of Katarzyna Kobro’s Death are listed below here:

Kobro’s cancer was stage IV. Katarzyna Kobro’s age 53 years when she left the world. The American Cancer Society’s classification system for breast cancer provides a guide to understanding the stage of breast cancer based on the extent of the disease:

  • Stage 0 — no evidence of cancer
  • Stage I — cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes
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The Art Of Katarzyna Kobro

The Katarzyna Kobro was the most notable sculptor of the inter-war period. She was moved to Poland after the Russian Revolution and lived her entire life there. After World War II, Katarzyna works were lost, except for a handful of pieces. Luckily, a museum put them all together, and now we have a complete overview of her career. 

She was considered to be a major artist and one of the best sculptors in Poland in the inter-war period. But what made her unique was her desire to spread art to the masses. She wanted to create something for everyone, and that’s why she created a variety of sculptures in various materials.

Her famous painting “Wreckage” was a depiction of the destruction of Warsaw during World War II. It had an extremely dark color palette and was done on a massive scale. It was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in 1942.


So here’s a little lesson about this artist you may not have heard of. Katarzyna Kobro’s art was highly original, but what was unique about her, was her belief that art should be accessible to everyone. Not just rich


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