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Why Choose Study in Australia?

Australia is a favorite country for students around the world who want to continue their education abroad. Australia has universities and educational institutions of high standards, and there are many choices of study majors to choose from with international qualifications. No wonder Australia welcomes tens of thousands of international students each year.

High quality of education

There, you can enjoy the best quality education in the world. Australia has 8 of the 100 best Universities in the world. The quality of teaching in Australia is known to be good and effective by developing the mindset and activeness of students in the classroom.

Adequate Facilities

Adequate facilities

The Australian government is very concerned about education. Not surprisingly, educational institutions there have implemented sophisticated technology with international standards. Finding the internet with fast access is not difficult in Australia. Teaching and learning facilities, such as classrooms, libraries, laboratories are also equipped with modern technology. This supports innovative and independent students, and feels that they have learned useful knowledge.

Multicultural and Friendly

Most of Australia’s population comes from England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Germany, China and Greece. This makes Australia a culturally diverse country. Australians are known to be friendly, welcoming, open and have a relaxed lifestyle. Another advantage of living in Australia is that it is a safe country with a very low crime rate.

Special Protection for International Students

Australia has special protection for International students that comes from the ESOS Act which provides a high guarantee of quality capacity, as well as the reputation of existing educational institutions. Protection is also provided against tuition fees that have been paid. This protection applies to all education and training sectors in Australia.

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Transportation For Convenience

Australia is one of the countries with the most modern transportation system in the world. This transport includes buses, trains, electric trains, ferries and trams (for Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney city centre). You can also drive a vehicle with an international driver’s license without having to use an Australian driver’s license.

Cost of education

The cost of education in Australia is relatively cheap compared to other countries like America or the UK. You can even go to college without spending any money by participating in scholarship programs offered by certain institutions such as: Australia Awards, International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS), Summer Research Scholarhip. and many more.

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Exotic nature

Australia is known for its natural exoticism. Starting from the beauty of the beaches on Fraser Island, Twelve Aposties, Shark Bay, to the largest collection of corals on the Great Barrier Reef. Don’t miss the various deserts, the famous Uluru, KcKenzie and Kakadu waterfalls, the captivating Blue Mountains, and many other natural beauties that are not to be missed.

Part-time Work Permit

Australia has a safe, stable learning environment that is ideal for living and studying. Generally, students in Australia are granted permission to work part-time for 40 hours per week. The money earned by students is around 20 Australian dollars per hour, or the equivalent of Rp.

Career Prospects After Graduation

The quality education offered by universities in Australia puts their graduate students ahead of the world of work. The career center provided by each university will help you to be channeled to various large companies. With a Post Study Work Visa, you have the opportunity to work in Australia for 2 years after graduation.


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