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Why More Advertisers Choose Instagram on Snapchat

When the Snapchat Story feature appeared in 2013, it seemed like everyone was taking a short break from Instagram and focusing their energy on these temporary captions of daily hijinks. However, as these two social media platforms develop over the years, user attention seems to have shifted to Instagram. In August 2016, Instagram embraced this feature of the story and users had a very positive response across the board. Instagram users feel more inclined to give their followers high quality content than Snapchat. Lack of doggy ears and goofy face filters designed for pure, highly developed storytelling.
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Note: Use the Instagram story viewer tool to view Instagram stories.

Naturally, developing companies will follow wherever consumer eyeballs roam, and any Instagram growth agency or service will ensure that these stories see more traffic than Snapchat. While Snapchat continues to emerge, according to TechCrunch, their interaction with users has actually dropped by 82 percent since the launch of Instagram News.
Instagram Lord
It has only been a few months since Instagram allowed companies to post real-time advertising campaigns within the news feature. Nike, Ben & Jerry and Netflix are just a few of the 30 most popular products tested in this Instagram Story ad. Since there were no significant conflicts or concerns from the end user, we can expect these ads to become a regular feature of our news feeds.
In many ways, Instagram is better for ads than Snapchat. First of all, the brands have already established the following Instagram which is eager to see different content in different ways. Having a basic understanding of the number of viewers that your ad will reach ensures when you spend money to market your product. Unlike Snapchat, Instagram has a lot of platform posting options. Although we were only discussing the subject matter, the brands were also given the option of posting traditional feeds and sponsored posts. This post will appear in your fans’ feed as well as the feed of other users associated with similar accounts.
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There Is More Where It Comes From…
Additionally, Instagram has made it much easier for companies to purchase ads than Snapchat, providing complete self-service information. Companies are now able to post their ads if they like and track statistics and user engagement using the integrated dashboard.
As you should know, Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 and transferred its strategic marketing features to the mobile app. Any Instagram enhancement service will tell you that this ultimately allows anonymous products to reach the right audience based on the accounts they follow, their ‘favorite’ Facebook pages and online stores where they shop. Most Instagram users have despised the initial installation of sponsored posts.
Now, though, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. What started as an escape from Facebook companies has turned into a fully-fledged marketing platform where any promising company would be unreasonable to not make a profit out of it. While unexpected content from accounts you do not follow seems to be a bit confusing, the relationship between Instagram and potential advertisers is not something short of impressive. In fact, users have admitted that they made a mistake with the sponsored post or short sale of their news feed in native content. The foundation of Instagram is within this concept of organic content, and the right companies should follow this same principle with their marketing campaigns.

The Future Is Now
We see the future of advertising unfold before our very eyes, one update at a time. The future goes as it is, and modern shoppers are quicker than ever to dismiss any corny ad as “spammy.” Do not fall victim to this harsh criticism and keep your Instagram marketing strategy fresh.

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