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Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day – Is It Really Worth of?

Writing a dissertation is the lengthiest challenge that students have to face during academic life. To effectively cope with this challenge, students always remain in the hope that someone will give them practical advice. Students always look forward to seeing a person that can give them courage to think that their struggle is not unique. One school of thought that helps students prevent taking things on their nerves is to understand dissertation writing is only a difficult process but impossible. Thousands of students have submitted dissertations before you, and the process will go on. What a student needs to do to write her/his dissertation easily is to adopt some project management strategies. This article will give you some good strategies for writing your dissertation and also discuss whether ‘writing your dissertation fifteen minutes a day is worth noting.

Dissertation writing tips:

Some tips that can help you in writing a good dissertation are:

  1. Just start writing:
  2. Set deadlines for writing your dissertation:
  3. Be flexible and take short breaks:
  4. Complete the first draft as soon as possible:
  5. Never afraid of committing mistakes:

These are some important tips for writing your dissertation in a quite systematic manner. Another important tip shared by writing experts Bostin Globe in his book ‘Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day’ is that students can write a complete dissertation by spending only fifteen minutes a day on writing. Generally, spending fifteen minutes each day on writing your dissertation will give you many benefits. The following are some of these:

Helps students spend only quality time on their thesis:

Fifteen minutes means 900 seconds, and giving 900 seconds to a project by an active mind is more than enough to understand the dissertation writing process. This is because giving 900 seconds with a receptive mind is better than spending four hours on a dissertation with a dull or inactive mind.

Fifteen minutes per day may help you stay connected with your research:

Dissertation writing seems difficult when students do not know how to start and what to write. If such students develop a habit of giving fifteen minutes daily to dissertation writing, they will soon know all key terms and definitions that can help generate them new ideas for a dissertation. The moment a student learns to generate logical ideas on his own, he/she can effectively schedule the whole writing process with greater ease.

Help students in making them persistent:

Persistence gives students the courage to continue to try to face new challenges. It gives students hope to achieve their academic as well as personal goals. Many studies conducted so far have reported a high positive correlation between persistence and high motivation to achieve goals. Serving only fifteen minutes a day for writing your dissertation is an exercise to promote perseverance in students. Thus, as far as persistence is considered, giving fifteen minutes to write a dissertation is indeed a good tip to get rid of academic stress.

Get rid of procrastination:

Many of you might think that how they can write a whole dissertation by spending fifteen minutes daily when they are habitual to take 30 or more minutes for getting ready. Such students must learn about procrastination. Procrastination is a prominent feature of students’ personalities. All students with varying degrees are habitual of delaying their work to some extent. For example, many of them plan to start writing at 12:00-o-clock, and at 12 they decide to take fifteen more minutes, and even the day ends. That is why, if a student decides fifteen minutes to give for dissertation writing, he can get courage to get rid of procrastination to maximise the productivity.

It increases an author’s interest in writing:

According to a study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, meditation for just 15 minutes a day shows a low level of negative feelings and a high level of well-being. The study added that the participant who meditated 15 minutes a day were better at observing sensations, describing thoughts, and generating new ideas. If we link this study with our point of discussion, we can conclude that if you concentrate only 15 minutes per day on a dissertation writing task, you may feel motivated and gain confidence to complete it as soon as possible.

Furthermore, according to concentration theory, we cannot concentrate for more than 90 minutes due to variations in the cycle of alertness. Among these 90 minutes, if you spare only 15 minutes for writing your dissertation (at which alertness reaches its peak), you can solve any scientific mystery. Thus, fifteen minutes a day with full concentration can surely help you in writing your dissertation effectively.

Saves you from getting exhausted:

Tiredness and exhaustion are two important factors having a high negative effect on a student’s dissertation writing performance. However, if you decide to spend only fifteen minutes to write your dissertation, you can save yourself from the inhibitory effects of both of these factors.

Spending fifteen minutes a day in writing fails when the submission deadline is right around the corner:

As described earlier, fifteen minutes a day are enough for writing your dissertation due to several reasons. But the trick is not for everyone. Students who have run out of time cannot overcome all dissertation writing challenges by spending 450 minutes per month; in contrast, they must go for some quick solutions such as consulting dissertation writing services UK.

Final Thoughts:

Writing a dissertation is indeed difficult and draining but using smart strategies, one can easily manage it. Good project management strategies can also be applied to dissertation writing to manage the task. Breaking the man task into small milestones that are achievable, making a writing planner, taking short breaks, and consulting professional writing services all are important ways to effectively handle the dissertation writing process. However, if you have plenty of time, then you must try the tip suggested by ‘Bostin Globe’ of writing a dissertation by spending only fifteen minutes a day. This tip is worth-noted as it can truly speed up your learning and writing process.

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